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What happens to the body when you eat eggs daily

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Eggs might just be the easiest, cheapest and most versatile way to up your protein intake. Beyond easily upping your daily protein count, eggs also boost your health.some of the incredible effects eggs might have on your body when you take them daily.

Eating eggs help boost your immune system. Just

one egg contains almost a quarter

of your RDA of selenium, a nutrient

that helps support your immune system and regulate thyroid hormones. Children

should eat eggs especially if they don’t

get enough selenium they could develop keshan

disease and Kashin

-beck disease two conditions that can affect the heart and joints.

Your cholesterol profile also improves, we all know that cholesterol is a bad

thing but there are good and bad kinds of cholesterol. Eggs

contain plenty of it,we are concerned with the ratio of ‘ good’ cholesterol found in eggs (HDL) to bad cholesterol(LDL). One

egg contains 212 mg of cholesterol but this does not mean that eggs will raise the ‘bad’ in the blood. The

human body produces cholesterol on its own

and therefore eating eggs daily may improve your cholesterol profile. Eggs

seem to raise HDL(good) cholesterol while increasing the size of (LDL)particles.

The risk of getting heart  disease is reduced.LDL cholesterol is known as bad because  LDL particles transport their fat molecules into artery walls and drive atherosclerosis this is basically gumming

up of the arteries.HDL particles ,by contrast can remove fat molecules from the artery walls. Also

one egg contains about 15% of your  RDA of vitamin B2,this is just one of the B vitamins which all help the body to convert food into fuel,which in turn is used to produce energy.

Eggs are brain food, that is large because of a nutrient

called choline. It’s

a component of cell membranes and is required to synthesize acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Lack of choline has been linked to neurological disorders and decreased cognitive function. Eggs

can also make somebody have less stress and anxiety, If you’re deficient in the 9 amino acids that can be found in an egg, it can have mental effects.

You will improve your bones and teeth,eggs are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D, which is important for the health and strength of bones and teeth. It does this primarily by aiding the absorption of calcium. (Calcium, incidentally, is important for a healthy heart, colon and metabolism.).

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