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WhatsApp FINALLY plans to update your app with this long-awaited feature

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WHATSAPP has pushed-out an update that brings a long-awaited feature to the successful chat app. Here’s how it works.

WhatsApp has finally brought a long-awaited feature to its popular chat app
The feature, which first appeared in beta in early January 2018, allows those who are registered as administrators in a group chat to revoke that same status from other participants.
Until now, those who wanted to remove an admin from a group conversation on WhatsApp would have to remove them from the chat entirely.
These users would have to be re-added to the group, where they would no longer have administrator status.
However, WhatsApp has finally added the option to remove admin status – without removing the participant from the chat.
The new feature is currently available on iOS, Android and Web users.
WhatsApp users can now dismiss administrators from Group Chat without removing them
To demote an admin in your group chat, simply tap the name of the conversation at the top of the screen.
This will load the Group Info screen, which allows users to update the group photo, add a group description, as well as browse media sent in the chat, search the conversation, and view starred messages.
Scroll down to the list of participants at the bottom of the Group Info window and tap on any user with the word “admin” besides their name.
If you’re an admin yourself, you will see the option to Dismiss As Admin.
This will demote them, allowing them to continue to participant in the group chat, but removing the ability to add and remove other people from the conversation.
Unlike previous scam messages, this latest attempt by cybercriminals contained an element of truth to add to the plausibility.
The WhatsApp hoax encourages users to forward on the message, like the chain-mail messages that used to plague email users in years gone-by.
The first half of the message is a hoax,warning users of a so-called “Martinelli Video” capable of hacking your smartphone when viewed on your device.
However, the second half of the chain-mail message addresses WhatsApp Gold – an existing scam that has tried to trick users since 2016.
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