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Body Builder Sets Twitter on Fire – Tattoos Entire Body and Gets Followed By Notorious Australian Biker Gangs

Image result for The Tattooed Instagram Star Followed By Notorious Australian Biker Gangs
In a world where everyone seems to be trying to become Instagram famous, we very rarely stop to check who exactly our followers on social media might be.

Sure, they might just be your mates, but very few people have thousands upon thousands of mates, so to become Insta-known you’re gonna have a lot of random folk following you.
One massively tattooed bodybuilder has attracted attention for his online following after his profile has become popular amongst an infamous motorcycle gang on the East Coast of Australia.
Credit: Instagram
Known as Yakiboy and based in Sydney, the inked bodybuilder has over 30,000 followers including some of the Bandidos outlaw gang.

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