10 trusted tips to help you get pregnant

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Trying to get pregnant takes its toll on couples. In Nigeria, it is usually supposed to just happen but when it doesn’t, it can be very troubling.

If you are actively trying to have a child, the following tips should help.

1. Understand your menstrual cycle

The cycle begins from the first day you bleed to the next time you see your period. Know how long your cycle lasts and take note that during your cycle, the egg forms through the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).

2. Know when you ovulate

Typically, you ovulate for about ten days, spanning from day 11 to day 21 of your menstrual cycle. During this period, your egg is released. So when having sex, you need to target this period. Get pregnant is mostly about getting the timing right.

3. Get an ovulation kit

At times, you may find it difficult to pinpoint when you are ovulating. Therefore, an ovulation kit can be obtained at an accredited pharmacy. You can also talk to your physician to point you in the right direction. The kit can be used to track your hormonal changes so presence of LH in your urine means you are ovulating.

4. Shed excess weight

Being overweight has been linked to infertility. By ‘overweight’ I don’t just mean fat but I mean having an abnormal BMI. So, lose weight if you have to.

5. Get your husband to watch his health

It takes two to get pregnant; so make sure your husband eats healthily, avoids stress, tobacco, and alcohol.

6. Ensure your husband keeps his testicles cool

He should avoid long hot baths or saunas as high temperatures can affect sperm count. He should also wear the right underwear, preferably cotton.

Couples should bear in mind that age plays a big role for both of them. So, see a fertility specialist and try recommended procedures.

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