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2019: Shamsudeen Danbazzau Declares for Reps Seat

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Shamsudden Danbazzau

Shamsudden Danbazzau, the son of the current minister of interior, Abdulraman Danbazzau, has declared his ambition to contest the 2019 general election for the House of Representative for Takai/Sumaila federal constituency of Kano State.

Speaking exclusively to toktok9ja, yesterday, he said his decision to join politics was born out of his passion to contribute to the development of the society in which he lives. “Wherever I find myself in life I always try to see how I can add value. I think the essence of leadership is service so whatever position Allah favours me to be in I will service to the best of my ability and that his what I have done at the grassroot level and that is what I intend to do as if fate favours me.

“ So far in my own local government I have not seen any tangible work from our federal representative, a project that can be said to be commendable.

Shamsudden Danbazzau Making His Declaration

Quite honestly, I am a man that goes around a lot, I visit different local governments and I have friends all over the place which is because of my participation in the local government election. And when I go to these local governments including mine, I have not seen significant impacts. I believe the people of my constituency have been patient for too long. Why leave for tomorrow what can be done today. I can feel the pulse of my constituency and I know they are hungry for change, and that is what I intend to delivery on, he said

“I believe I owe God and myself  to do the best I can for my people. All politics they say is local so I feel privileged that they have found me worthy to call on me to serve. I pray that I continue to uphold trust and affection.


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I also believe that with a clear focus and determination that i will be able to make a difference, he said.

He further revealed that he believes that now is the time for youths to venture into politics especially with the signing of the not too young to run bill. “We should understand that politics like everything in life is a process. Rather than spending most of our time on the social media criticizing people in government. We should come and start from somewhere; if at all we as youths are going to stand a chance then we must come and be part of the system and process. That way, we can begin to learn the trade and hopefully in time we can achieve whatever we want to achieve. Our father land is desirous not only to see the best of a few but also of the many. So we must carry upon ourselves more responsibilities and roles if our quest or dream is to see a greater Nigeria in time”.


“So I think they quality of youth the older generation leave behind is a testament to how well they have impacted the world. They must understand that the youth always possess a certain qualities that age may find lacking. So our society and elders, should understand that it is by participation that we learn, and the skills and power they claim to possess today the learnt in the course of life through failures and experiences, if we are willing to take our chances, they should believe in us for it is only when the look for the best in us that they can find it, he added.

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