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Drug Abuse and Mental Health of Nigerian Youths

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Edmund Burke.

It’s easier for you and I to distance ourselves from the ugly reality that drug abuse is eating at the very core of the Nigerian society. As with other evils the more we ignore it the bigger it becomes and the harder it gets to combat it. As shown in this illustration.

As a military officer who sacrificed the better part of his productive years in service of his country Gen. Ade could not believe that he had a drug addict under his very roof. How could this have happened? Was the only question he had on his mind regarding his first born son Ade jnr.

Ade jnr was a bright young man until he left for the University. He had changed schools at least eight times ever since. No amount of preaching and deliverance sessions could salvage him. It was clear to Gen Ade that his son whose health was rapidly deteriorating that he will have to bury his son one day.

Could this have been prevented?

Were there any signs?

What can be done?


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