7 Top Secrets A Man Will Never Tell His Woman

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7 Top Secrets A Man Will Never Tell His Woman

7 Top Secrets A Man Will Never Tell His Woman.

Men are strong, stubborn, and ambitious, always wanting to take the lead in relationships; they often crave to be respected, worshipped, and adored by their partners.

Aside from being strong, ambitious, and other points mentioned above, men also have their shortcomings and little secrets they hide.

A man is ahead while his partner is the neck that guides the head in the direction to turn.

It’s an awesome combination, isn’t it? God was a perfect chess player when he made this combination, man and woman.

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No matter how strong or powerful a man is, he needs a woman to adore him and guide his path. No wonder parents especially mothers advise their sons to choose a good wife, so he doesn’t die before his time. Just kidding, but it’s true, according to research, a man lives longer in a peaceful home. You can agree with me that women are the architects of peaceful homes. The importance and role of a woman in the family are crystal clear.

When you marry a fiendish woman, then brace for impact and get ready to spend more time in bars rather than at home. Some women have turned their husbands into overnight drunkards, no offense, please. So each time the man thinks of coming back home, he feels bitter and needs to be sober before getting home. The best place to get sober is the beer parlour, trusts me that will be his destination.

Many homes are broken because the woman doesn’t know her essence and role in making the marriage work.

Sorry, I don’t mean to attack any woman, but it’s true, that’s why I appreciate all the virtuous women out there who are holding it down and building a good home.

My sincere appreciation goes to you!

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Moving away from that, as I mentioned earlier men are not perfect, they also have their shortcomings and tiny little secrets they don’t want their partners to find out about.

You should know, having secrets doesn’t make you weak, it only attests to the fact that you are also human. Everyone has a secret they don’t want others to find out, most especially their partners.

Women are more secretive than men, no offense, that’s just how they are wired. A woman can keep your secrets forever as long as you treat her well. The day you mess up as a man, sorry, but that’s the day everyone gets to find out all your secrets.

In my last post, I wrote on 7 secrets women don’t want you to know. I was thrilled at the rate at which that article impacted readers.

It got so many comments and contributions from people and, I was even gladder that someone learned something from that piece.

The article explained some silent secrets of women so men can have a clear understanding of their women.

I had so many suggestions from my readers to also write an article about men and their secrets, just to make it even.

The suggestion came mostly from women who read that article, so this is me fulfilling your demand. Guys don’t frown at this, but ladies always have their way lol.

So what are the 7 secrets Men Often Hide from Their Woman?

Before I go further, as I mentioned in my last article, this post is meant to build your relationship as it will expose some secrets of men.

It is designed for women to understand their men, so if I offend anyone by this post, please forgive me lol.

7 Tip Secrets A Man Will Never Tell His Woman. 

1. He Masturbates

The first thing matured men both married and single still do is indulge in the act of masturbation. This might surprise you, but some married men still masturbate when they have the urge and the wife is not around.

Aside from that, even when the wife is there, some men with high libido don’t get satisfied after multiple rounds of lovemaking.

It’s an addiction that is very hard to break and most of the people who masturbate have consistently indulged in the act right from when they were teenagers.

The youths are not left out you’ll be surprised that a guy with dozens of girlfriends still practices this act.

Masturbation is very embarrassing, and it hurts a woman when she finds out her man does it. Some men (not all men) who still masturbate are always careful not to allow their partner to find out.

Just imagine as a lady you surprisingly visited your boyfriend and find him jerking off.

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It’s an ugly sight, right? That’s what I’m saying.

Masturbation is very common with teenagers and youths who are exposed to all manner of erotic content on the internet.

How can I stop masturbating?

Be bold as a man to discuss it with your partner (wife or girlfriend), tell her why you do it, and ask for advice. It could be that she doesn’t satisfy you, or probably she doesn’t turn you on anymore. Either way, there is always a solution you both can try.

Secondly, seek the face of God, pray, and get delivered from that spirit. It has several implications when you continue in the act. I don’t want to say it here, but if you continue, it might not affect you now that you are still young but at old age.

2. He Gambles

This is a very common thing men do and hide it from their partners; the rate of gamblers both young and old is sky rocking every day.

Just for you to know there are cooperate gamblers who patronize gambling via a proxy.

What do I mean by this?

Well, these sets of gamblers are matured responsible men who you can swear they’ve never gambled in their life. Corporate gambles usually have someone that gambles for them while they do the funding.

It’s their little trick so the woman doesn’t find out. In their mind, it’s a side hustle.

Women hate gamblers, it’s an addictive lifestyle that has left many homes broke and broken.

So as a woman, when your man starts telling you he’s expecting some huge money without any form of explanation and you know his income monthly, shine your eye and start asking questions.

I mean what’s the hope that you’ll win that jackpot one day?

What are the chances that among thousands of people playing you’ll be the lucky one? Think about it…

3. Wet Dreams at Night

Having wet dreams at night is sometimes seen as a spiritual problem.

It is very usual as an adult to have sexual intercourse in your dream while sleeping.

Wet dreams are more common among teenagers during the puberty stage. According to science, at that stage, they begin to developed sexual organs and feelings which make them crave sex. So it’s possible to have a wet dream as a teen.

When an adult who has outgrown puberty stage continues having wet dreams, it becomes a serious problem.

Ironically, most men still experience wet dreams at night. It’s embarrassing as a man to wake up and see your boxers wet, so a lot of them hide it from their partners.

Like I mentioned earlier, having wet dreams at night is more spiritual especially when you have a partner. It is advisable to seek help from your Pastor or Imam. Delay they say is very dangerous.

So women don’t be hard on your man, understand he’s just trying to be the ma if he doesn’t open up on his financial status.


7 Top Secrets A Man Will Never Tell His Woman.



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