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Adequate Mangoes Consumption Improves Human Memory – Dietician

Pile of Mangoes
A Dietician with the Enugu State Ministry of Health, Henritta Ugwu, has said that consumption of mangoes improves human memory.

Ugwu advised that parents should be encouraged to give their children mangoes to eat to improve their memory.
She said that mango had many nutritional benefits and advised that parents should try as much as possible to include it in their children’s diet to boost their health and immune system.
“The sweet fruit has many nutritional benefits; so including it in your kid’s diet will boost his or her health and immune system.
“Mango is a good source of glutamine acid and eating the fruit ensures adequate level of glutamine acid which help to boosts the kid’s brain functions and improves their memory,” she said.
Ugwu explained that mango had abundant nutrients, such as antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients, which were beneficial for the kids because they were still at developmental stages.
The dietician also said that eating mangoes would help to keep the children’s skin healthy, soft and radiant.

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