Muslim Man Returns a Christian After First Visit to His Brother’s Church

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Muslim Man Returns a Christian After First Visit to His Brother's Church

Muslim Man Returns a Christian After First Visit to His Brother’s Church.

Khamisi experienced childhood in a solid Muslim home with seven siblings. His dad took them to the mosque and ensured they went to week by week Islamic classes

“My father was extremely severe when it came to strict issues,” Khamisi revealed to African Enterprise (AE). “There was just a single religion permitted in our family.” 

When Khamisi was 10, his dad passed on and the family confronted huge difficulties. “We turned out to be totally monetarily crippled,” Khamisi told AE. “My more established kin and mum endeavored to guarantee we had nourishment, yet we battled to put a feast on the table. Destitution was a piece of us.” 

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While they attempted to endure, the loss of the patriarch likewise permitted a proportion of opportunity for Khamisi’s mom to investigate Christianity. 

“My mum had needed to know Christ for quite a while, yet because of the limitations of our father, she would not have even challenged,” Khamisi reviewed. 

Khamisi’s mom and more seasoned siblings started to go to a Christian church and became followers of Jesus Christ, but Khamisi and one of his more youthful siblings contradicted their newly discovered confidence. 

“We needed to keep up the religion of our dad,” he stated, “so we kept on going to mosque.” 

Khamisi thought about Christianity from his companions at school and from Christian Religious Education classes there. Yet, he kept on opposing their supplications and his heart stayed solidified against Jesus for the following five years. 

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At that point something strange occurred. One Sunday he went to get something from one of his siblings at chapel. At the point when he showed up the faith gathering was all the while going. 

Muslim Man Returns a Christian After First Visit to His Brother's Church

“I sat in the last column, trusting that the administration will end. As the love was going on, I felt as though something was consuming inside me,” he said. The Word and the Spirit started to contact his heart! 

“I was stuck to my seat and listened mindfully to the Word of God as though that is the thing that I had come to do.” 

At the point when the minister inquired as to whether anybody needed to approach and turn into a Christian, Khamisi couldn’t help it. 

“Whatever was consuming inside me got more grounded,” he said. “I was pulled to the raised area by the intensity of Holy Spirit and without precedent for my life, I felt the requirement for Jesus.” 

The minister petitioned God for him as he gave up to Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was conceived once more. His family was overwhelmed with bliss! 

Khamisi joined an apprenticeship class and was coached by the top leader to assist him with developing in his new confidence, as per AE. 

“Today I consider him my otherworldly father,” Khamisi said. “At the point when he found out about my story, he took over paying my school expenses. I went to a school in Malindi town, which even in my fantasies I never figured I would do! I had never observed such exhibit of adoration.” 

As he developed, Khamisi read his Bible with “an undying intensity and did everything he could to find out about petition and service in the congregation. In his last year of secondary school, he turned into a pioneer of the Christian Union, imparting his declaration to the same number of individuals as he could,” as per AE. 

he confronted a preliminary with the loss of his mom. “The passing of our mum a year ago was the most minimal snapshot of my life after salvation,” he noted. “Her affliction took her when we required her most.” 

“He and his kin have battled with this misfortune however are inclining toward the affection for their congregation network,” as per AE. 

He joined a service group with African Enterprises subsequent to seeing a year ago’s group serve at his school during their Malindi Mission. 

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Muslim Man Returns a Christian After First Visit to His Brother's Church
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