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Brock Lesnar made a huge mis­take dur­ing the fin­ish of his match with Roman Reign

Sum­mer­Slam 2018 is now in the books and some major changes to the land­scape of the WWE.

While we saw a heel turn in the wom­en’s divi­sion, Seth Rollins regain his Inter­con­ti­nen­tal title and Ron­da Rousey climb to the top of the Raw wom­en’s divi­sion in record time, all eyes were still firm­ly focused on Roman Reigns’ duel with Brock Lesnar.

Of course, the two have had sev­er­al match­es in the past three years and Reigns has failed to win any of them.

But this time, with Lesnar set to return to the UFC and fight Daniel Cormi­er in Jan­u­ary 2019, every­one was won­der­ing: would Vince McMa­hon real­ly let Lesnar go to the UFC as the top cham­pi­on in WWE in a bid to win both belts?

It would have been a pret­ty spe­cial marketing/promotional effort from the WWE if they want­ed to go ahead with that, but we got a very dif­fer­ent answer on Sun­day night in Brook­lyn, New York.

Braun Strow­man inter­rupt­ed pro­ceed­ings before the match could get under­way and announced that he would not be cash­ing in his Mon­ey in the Bank brief­case the cow­ard’s way — he want­ed to face the win­ner of the Lesnar and Reigns match on the same night.

Dur­ing the match, Lesnar would become so focused with tak­ing Strow­man out on the out­side to ensure his title was safe that he took his eyes off Reigns. Back in the ring, the Big Dog hit the spear to pick up the vic­to­ry and final­ly slay the Beast.

How­ev­er, fans on Twit­ter noticed some­thing odd about the fin­ish. Lesnar was hold­ing a steel chair when Reigns speared him and although the for­mer UFC heavy­weight cham­pi­on threw the chair at the point of impact, it rebound­ed off the ropes and land­ed on Lesnar’s head dur­ing the pin.

After the count of one, Lesnar removed the chair so he would­n’t obstruct a very mean­ing­ful cam­era shot, but he had to raise his shoul­der in the process — tech­ni­cal­ly, he kicked out.

Of course, the WWE are like­ly to sweep this under the rug and Lesnar will qui­et­ly be on his way to train for his UFC return.

Ear­li­er this year, Reigns had some­thing to say about Lesnar’s time with the WWE and fans can now be glad the Uni­ver­sal title is now back around a full-time waist.


So for me it’s very sim­ple: Not only will [my pro­mos] help fuel this fire between Brock and I, it will get some truth that needs to be said a lit­tle bit. Some peo­ple need to hear this stuff because this has kind of been a thing. Brock’s not the only part-time guy. But there are a lot of full-time guys that are nev­er gonna, as a col­lec­tive, reach our poten­tials if we are dom­i­nat­ed in this por­tion of the year by part-time guys.”

What did you guys think of Sum­mer­Slam? Let us know in the com­ments sec­tion below.

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