Brock Lesnar made a huge mistake during the finish of his match with Roman Reign

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SummerSlam 2018 is now in the books and some major changes to the landscape of the WWE.

While we saw a heel turn in the women’s division, Seth Rollins regain his Intercontinental title and Ronda Rousey climb to the top of the Raw women’s division in record time, all eyes were still firmly focused on Roman Reigns’ duel with Brock Lesnar.

Of course, the two have had several matches in the past three years and Reigns has failed to win any of them.

But this time, with Lesnar set to return to the UFC and fight Daniel Cormier in January 2019, everyone was wondering: would Vince McMahon really let Lesnar go to the UFC as the top champion in WWE in a bid to win both belts?

It would have been a pretty special marketing/promotional effort from the WWE if they wanted to go ahead with that, but we got a very different answer on Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York.

Braun Strowman interrupted proceedings before the match could get underway and announced that he would not be cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase the coward’s way – he wanted to face the winner of the Lesnar and Reigns match on the same night.

During the match, Lesnar would become so focused with taking Strowman out on the outside to ensure his title was safe that he took his eyes off Reigns. Back in the ring, the Big Dog hit the spear to pick up the victory and finally slay the Beast.

However, fans on Twitter noticed something odd about the finish. Lesnar was holding a steel chair when Reigns speared him and although the former UFC heavyweight champion threw the chair at the point of impact, it rebounded off the ropes and landed on Lesnar’s head during the pin.

After the count of one, Lesnar removed the chair so he wouldn’t obstruct a very meaningful camera shot, but he had to raise his shoulder in the process – technically, he kicked out.

Of course, the WWE are likely to sweep this under the rug and Lesnar will quietly be on his way to train for his UFC return.

Earlier this year, Reigns had something to say about Lesnar’s time with the WWE and fans can now be glad the Universal title is now back around a full-time waist.


“So for me it’s very simple: Not only will [my promos] help fuel this fire between Brock and I, it will get some truth that needs to be said a little bit. Some people need to hear this stuff because this has kind of been a thing. Brock’s not the only part-time guy. But there are a lot of full-time guys that are never gonna, as a collective, reach our potentials if we are dominated in this portion of the year by part-time guys.”

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