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Here are some Business opportunities in agriculture sector in Nigeria

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Did you ever consider agriculture andfarming as business in Nigeria? In fact, the agricultural sector is the area where you can earn a lot. The agricultural sector needs a lot of development and handling properly nature’s treasures you can earn a fortune.

Are there really any business opportunities in agriculture in Nigeria?

Nigeria is a really reach land. It has plenty of oil and a lot of other natural treasures. It’s not a desert where nothing grows. Nigeria can produce plenty of cotton, peanuts, palm oil, cocoa beans, cane sugar, natural rubbers, yam, sweet potatoes, and corn, and a lot more.
Why does all this need development? The agricultural sector in the developing countries often undergoes hard times. The point is that a lot of people want to live in cities, earn a lot of money, and build careers. Nobody wants to stay in the countryside and work in fields.
Working on a farm requires plenty of efforts, that’s true. Yet, it returns even more. Breeding cattle and poultry can be very profitable. Having your own fishpond can make you pretty good money. Growing beautiful flowers can be your lucky star as a business opportunity.
The point of all this is to make a proper decision, take a start, and dedicate all your efforts to the land where you live. Within a while, you will discover that you have made a right choice and that business opportunities in agriculture in Nigeria are no way worse than the ones you can find in cities.
Now, let’s take a closer look at the available opportunities and the best business ideas in the agricultural area of Nigeria.
Top ideas for agriculture business in Nigeria
Crop production
The production of crops is one of the most important activities in the agricultural sector of Nigeria. Even though the country is not literally starving, the population requires more than the current agricultural sector can provide. This is why it’s very important for the nation if there are more fields with more high-quality crops on them.
There are several types of crops that grow better in Nigeria and that can be grown in big quantities. For instance, root crops like yam and potato, cereals like rice, wheat, corn, and maize, vegetables like cabbage, carrots, sweet pepper, and a lot more.
In addition to this, you can dedicate your efforts to raising cotton, cashew or kola nuts, cocoa or coffee beans, bananas, pineapples, grapes, and apples. All this won’t require any specific technologies or a lot of expensive equipment from the very start. Yet, with time, you will be able to afford the necessary technical means to make your labor easier.
Preservation of food products
On the other side of the crop production, there’s procession and preservation of these items. After all, they need to be packed properly before they are transported and sold. You can undertake this task and become a valuable link in the chain of raising and selling food products.
Breeding livestock and fish
Having a fishpond next to your house is a good idea and it has already brought a fortune to several businesspersons. Breeding and selling fish at marketplaces or to factories and big stores can be a profitable start. The same is with poultry, which can give meat and lay eggs.
Preservation of land
Lands need to be protected from natural disasters, especially if they are already used in the local agricultural development. Some areas need thorough protection from floods and in case you feel a draw for engineering and possess necessary skills, you are welcome to contribute to the protection of agricultural lands from the damage. Irrigation systems, flood control – this is it.
Transportation services
Agriculture gives a lot of, so to say, fruits. Crops and vegetables, fruits and animals or animal products – all they need to be transported from the areas where they have been produced. You are welcome to organize a transportation network that will serve these needs quickly and effectively.
It’s a good business because it is always required. Effective accurate transportations are what all farmers need to deliver their goods wherever they need. It’s a great source of money and there’s a lot of space for your own growth and further development of your business.
Timber processing
It may sound unusual for most people who are considering a start of agricultural business in Nigeria. Still, it’s really a good job and a good source of income. Nigeria has plenty of resource of this type and it’s easy to take a start in this area.
It’s also very important that you will have very few competitors and your business has all chances of flourishing.
Snail farming
It’s an extremely profitable venture if you decide to undertake it. Snails in Nigeria cost pretty good money and with a little effort, you can start earning a real fortune. The point is that you can rear snails not only for the domestic market but also for international customers. Another positive thing for you is the fact that Nigeria is among other countries that are home to the biggest snail species.
Raising flowers
Raising flowers is a profitable business, especially if you take the trouble to get rare species that are hard to find and tough to grow. The modern wedding ceremonies and different parties usually demand plenty of flowers and they need pretty and unusual ones!
If you can provide them with the most unusual, lovely, and fresh flowers, you will earn yourself a good money. Besides that, you can eventually turn into a supplier of flowers for public decorative purposes: flowerbeds in big cities, carnivals, festivals, and other big events.
Why should you take opportunities in farming in Nigeria?
Let’s speak honestly: why should you undertake the business of this type if there are other possibilities? Well, the very first reason why you should consider choosing farming as a business is the fact that people need food and clothes. Always do. Farming is exactly the industry that provides food and materials.
Besides that, you need to remember that the population of Nigeria is growing every single day! Now, it has the 7th rank among the biggest countries in the world and keeps on growing. Of course, they all will need a lot of food and your task is to provide them with the help of your farm.
Agriculture needs development in Nigeria and even the smallest contribution will do it a lot of good.
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