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Extremely tall woman finds love in man almost half her height

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One of the world’s tallest women, Elisany da Cruz Silva has found love in a man who is almost half her height and the pair could not be any happier.

Despite a staggering 1ft 6in height difference between the two, they have vowed to remain true to each other and say they are not bothered by what the society thinks of them.
Elisany, now 22 is a Brazilian model had a form of gigantism because of a tumour on her pituitary gland, which regulates growth. Doctors have since removed the tumour and she has shrunk an inch to be 6ft 8in.
Her lover, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho is 5ft 4in, is a construction worker who says he does not mind dating a tall girl.
He said: ‘She is a beautiful person. She is tall but she is so pretty, with a beautiful face. I don’t mind having a tall girlfriend.
Elisany admitted that it bothers her when they hang out holding hands and it seems like he is her little brother or son.
That however did not stop Francinaldo from going down on one knee to propose to his beloved.
The couple continue to live happily in Brazil.
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