Five Illnesses To Treat With Avocado Leaves

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Avocado Leaves Tea. Photo credit: Healthy World Network
 Packed with active nutrients such as alpha and beta pinene, monosaturated fat and flavonoids, avocado has been proven to be a potent drug and has health benefits are good for the overall human system. Not only is the fruit good for the body, its leaves have potentials of preventing diseases and contains healing properties.

Although some people exercise fear due to the presence of persin in avocado, research has proven that persin is not harmful to humans. With analgesic and detoxifying properties, it leaves are as good as the fruit.
Here are five  benefits you get from using avocado:
Treats Kidney stones: With active substances such as saponins and alkaloid, avocado leaves have proven to be an effective method for dissolve kidney stones. Drinking it two to three times a day breaks down the kidney stones within 7 to 10 days. During this period of drinking, you’d notice the froth-like substances come out through your urine.
Diabetes: Avocado helps stabilize blood level. As a monosaturated fat, it contains oleic acid which reduces the triglyceride levels in the blood. It also contains vitamin B. Vitamin B6 is particularly good for stabilizing blood glucose levels.
Asthma Attack: The presence of pinene in avocado effectively opens up the airways thereby increasing air flow to the lungs.
Cancer: People who want to prevent cancer or show early signs of early stages, are often advised to drink avocado tea. This contains antioxidants and phytochemicals such as zeaxanthin that stops the growth of cancer (prostate and breast) cells. It also serves a chemopreventive drug.
Insomnia: The presence of serotonin and limonene aids regulates the mood and appetite of a person thus preventing insomnia.
Now that you are all excited, here is how to prepare the avocado leaves tea.
Wash 4-5 pieces of avocado leaves (depending on how much you’d like to consume)Allow to boil in a pot with 1½-2 cups of water for 10 minutes (or until the water reduces by half)FilterAllow to cool (you can add your sweetener if you prefer it)Drink two cups a day.
See? Its as simple as A, B, Tea.


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