I Am Getting Very Old, I Really Need A Man Very Urgent – South African Girl Confesses

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 I Really Need A Man

A Young Beautiful South African Lady has taken to her social media, to disclose that she is seriously in need and urgently needs a Man, owing to the fact that she is already getting Old. And therefore, she is now asking the general public to please help her out, for she seriously needs someone by her side.

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Am tired of waiting any longer for a man to come and marry me because am already getting old on a daily basis. Of a truth, I have come of Age of getting married to a man, and I really need a Husband whom I will call the Father of My Children. I have been so lonely and single, judging from the fact that ever since I broke up with my Ex-boyfriend, I have not been able to get another man, who will love me unconditionally without cheating on me just the same way my Ex-boyfriend did to me. I can recall vividly how my Boyfriend promised not to cheat on me, how he gave me and his assured words to love, care and cherish me, notwithstanding the circumstances and condition that we might find ourselves.

I use to feel bad and rejected each time I see my Female friends getting married to their friends on weekends. And the Most disheartening and devastating part of it all is that, am frequently among the bridal shower each time any of my friends are doing their wedding ceremony. What happens in my life that’s have experienced is that each time a Man comes for me, they indirectly come for my beautiful shapes and curves, they ask for my contact and make themselves available to be my very close friends. As usual, I will give them chance to my heart, hoping that the two of us will end up in a good relationship with each other, but the sad and pertinent thing to note is that once they have access to my body, they will never show up again, as they will start giving me excuses, that am too beautiful for them to marry, and judging from my good looks, I will not be faithful to them and that men will keep asking me out.

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I have not been taking this very likely with all these things. It seems like Nature has forsaken me. At times I feel like even taking my own life because am dying of Loneliness. If only I can get a man who will stick with me till the end of time. Am so desperate and hungry for a real and genuine Man, who will sacrifice his time, money, and resources in our relationship. I promise to love and Cherish him, not to cheat on him but stick with him even when he is facing a Hard time. I will ensure I make him nice dishes and prepare good meals for him. And I will not starve him ever with my female organ. I will ensure that I give this to him anytime and anyhow, so long as he is fit, capable, and strong to handle me effectively.

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Please if you know that you can handle me very well and that you know you can Genuinely love, care and cherish me all the days of your life, you can still declare your interest in the comment box below.



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