How Abba Kyari Died in Lagos Hospital

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The Chief of staff to the President of Nigeria is dead. This was announced by the presidency. He died due to Covid-19 Complications on Friday 17th of April. Abba Kyari who tested positive for Covid-19 in March left Abuja for Lagos Hospital as he claims he was not getting enough care in Abuja. His death has now been announced by the presidency.

In the latest reports Nigeria Centre for Disease Control showed that there are 51 new cases confirmed with death toll increasing by 4 deaths to bring the total number of Death cases to 17.

Even with these, some people still think that the issue of Covid-19 in Nigeria is not real. They think it is just a political game for the leaders to get money. They keep asking for proof and proofs.

Now this is a Proof. A well-known person in the Cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari is dead and the presidency has announced it.

The virus is real and it is spreading really fast in Nigeria. If you do not believe Now is the time to believe. It is not “Malaria” they are treating. It is Covid-19.

Don’t let Ignorance lead to further damage, It has caused a lot of damage already. The virus is real. Create awareness now and take necessary precautions.

Take Responsibility, Create Awareness.

God Bless Nigeria

God heal The world

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