How did p0rn star Jason Pacheco die? The 33-year-old Sean Cody star was hospitalized before death

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How did p0rn star Jason Pacheco die? The 33-year-old Sean Cody star was hospitalized before death

How did p0rn star Jason Pacheco die? The 33-yr-old Sean Cody star was hospitalized before death.

Advlt entertainer Jason Pacheco has died just days after revealing he had been hospitalized for nearly a week. The 33-year-old pornstar was popularly known as Randy on Sean Cody. He died in a Massachusetts hospital on Saturday, July 9. The reason for his death has not been disclosed as yet. Pacheco, days before his death, informed his followers on Instagram that he had been admitted to the hospital.

Pacheco launched his career in the advlt entertainment industry after replying to an advertisement posted by studio Sean Cody in 2013.  Pacheco eventually became one of the most well-known performers working in the studio while using the stage name Randy. He starred in 53 p0rn scenes produced by the same studio. He had shared a photo of himself in a hospital bed on July 4, showing how sick he was.

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Randy’s appeal for help

While the reason for the p0rn star’s death has not been confirmed fully, it could have something to do with his kidneys. “I hate to ask for any help but I am going through some medical issues, my kidneys were failing amongst a couple of other issues but I am doing better,” the p0rn star captioned the post. “I have been in the hospital for 5 days now. To all my fans I will start posting much more after I recover from this. Anything helps”. “GoFundMe takes a fee so if you’d rather donate to my PayPal it’s in my profile. Thank you to anyone who is still a fan, I love you all and I am extremely grateful to have you guys’ support. I will keep y’all updated! Thank you!” $45 had been raised for his $3,500 goal at the time of writing this article. 

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The GoFundme site of Pacheco read, “Hello, I am in need of help for when I recover from my injury. I woke up deathly ill and finally went to the hospital my kidney function was at 21% amongst a couple of other issues but the kidneys were the most serious. I am feeling better. I have been in the hospital for 5 days now and as most of you know I am in recovery and I was living in a halfway house. Because I have been gone for so long I was discharged.

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Now when I leave I don’t know what I am going to do or where I am going to go. I have been in recovery since November 9, 2021. Life has gotten much better and I am so happy to have made it this far. Unfortunately, I have this setback with my health. Any donations will go towards finding a place to live and help me get back on my feet. Anything helps. To all my fans who still support me and follow me, I love you all!”. Pacheco had been open for years about his battle with addiction prior to entering recovery.

Walden Woods was the director of most of the porn scenes in which Pacheco performed. He said, “The second I met Randy, I knew it. He was always so awesome.”. According to Queerty, Woods released this statement after his death, “My heart is broken to hear about the passing of Randy. I met him on set almost 10 years ago.

He was always a good guy to be around and had some amazing energy and authentic charm that was undeniable. From some amazing behind-the-scenes moments to Puerto Rico and Palm Springs, I had a great time every day he was on set. It’s incredibly sad to hear of his passing. You were a giant Randy, rest in peace.”



How did p0rn star Jason Pacheco die? The 33-year-old Sean Cody star was hospitalized before death.

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