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How To Read Lovers Whatsapp Messages From Your Phone without her knowing

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Sometimes you just feel things are not right with your lover and would like to know what he/she is up to on Whatsapp. To affirm the trust between you and your lover, I will be teaching you How To Read Lovers Whatsapp Messages From Your Phone. 

Disclaimer – Toktok9ja is not responsible for any action or damages that happens due to the information on this post.
Have you ever heard of WhatScan? WhatScan is a simple app that can help you spy easily on other people’s chat. 
Start by installing WhatScan App fromhere.After installing the app on your phone, follow the instructions below.Launch Whatsapp on the lover’s phone, go to the menu and select Whatsapp web option.Now launch WhatScan on your phone and scan the barcode from your lover’s phone. Make sure you wait till the scanning is done.

Now that you have your lover’s chat on the WhatScan app on your phone, please treat whatever information found with care. Make sure you read the disclaimer above this post.
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