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Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery

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Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery

Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery.

There is a tribe in Nigeria where the wife’s unfaithful practices cause the husband and her children to become ill sometimes to the point of death.

This pattern continues until the husband dies first if the wife refuses to confess and complete the proper rites to please the gods/ancestors. This is regarded seriously, as a devout Christian may say, ” They don’t serve God reach there; you must go to the village and run the sacrifices. ” A research revealed that this is a sexist tradition, as the husband’s s adultery has no repercussions. It is learned that this is based on a specific wine-drinking rite that occurs during the traditional marriage process.

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Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery

The Aniomas, Isokos, and Urhobos of Delta state are the principal adherents of this tradition, which prohibits a woman from cheating on her spouse.

It is taboo for a married woman to have s3xual relations with a man who is not her husband. Failure to follow this practice has serious ramifications for the woman and her family since she will bring a curse upon her home.

According to findings, the Itsekiris are exempt. The curse has no effect on her if her bride price has not been paid.

If her husband is not a Delta native and does not come from one of the villages listed above, the curse/tradition will not impact her, even if she cheats on him.

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Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery

Some Historical Facts

1) The curse is known as Ishi/Ishia Ishi in various parts of Delta, which means “confession of infidelity.”

2) The spouse must be from the Anioma communities of Ukwuani, Enu- Ani (Ibusa, Ogwashi- Uku, Asaba, sections of Igbodo, Ilah, Isseles, Idumujes, Onichas, and others); Ika (Agbor, Umunede, Owas, and others); and Aboh.

3) This custom only applies if the woman is married in the traditional sense and her bride price has been paid. If her bride price has not been paid, she will face no consequences if she cheats.

4) If a woman cheats on her husband and is married to an Isoko or Urhobo man, her children will become ill and die. If she continues and refuses to confess, she will die.

5) Her children will become ill and die if she marries a man from Anioma and cheats. In addition, the woman is in danger of losing her life. If she’s expecting a child, the curse will force her to have a cesarean section and she may die during childbirth.

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6) If she survives childbirth, the child will reject her breast milk but will accept it from any other woman. At this point, the elders will begin questioning the woman to see if she has cheated on her husband.

Insight into the Nigerian Tribe Where Husband and Children Die If the Wife Commits Adultery

7) If she is not nursing, the last child will become ill and refuse to eat anything she prepares until the child dies.

8) Her child’s sudden refusal of food is usually a signal to the family that the woman may have cheated on her husband, and the family will begin an investigation to find out the truth. She will become ill and die if the mother refuses to confess.

9) In some cases if a woman cheats on her husband and moves on with another man, the curse will force her to remain barren until she returns her bride price.

10) The man or men with whom the wife cheats are the only ones who are completely free of the curse.

11) If the husband is aware of his wife’s infidelity and tries to conceal it, he will develop a swollen stomach and legs.

12) A woman from any part of Delta state who marries a non- indigene of Delta state is not cursed. It only affects women who are married to a member of one of the communities listed above.

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13) A woman from Delta married to a man from Delta from any of the communities is also subject to the curse.

14) If she confesses, she may be expected to enlist the help of the men she’ s been sleeping with– if they’re reachable for the rituals.

15) In order to liberate her husband and children from the curse, the lady must confess and perform rituals.

16) The woman will be flogged with a specific leaf and forced to strip naked in front of the family elders as part of the cleansing ritual.

17) This is why the majority of Delta women prefer to marry non- Deltans.

18) Returning a woman’s bride- price is the simplest way to be free of the curse.

22) The man may sleep with any single woman he desires.

23) Instead of receiving the same punishment as the woman, a man who is notorious for sleeping with other people’s wives is cursed and banished from the village.


This is a ridiculous tradition. It employs a biased approach to combat adultery. It is aimed particularly towards women, while males are given a pass. It’s as though the gods see men as a distinct species, while women are pitted against one another and bound to subordination. This is inequitable.

Regardless matter how we try to defend it, this tradition is completely incompatible with the principles of equity and justice. It’s an inequitable, unjust, and antagonistic tradition designed to keep women at bay while allowing men to be free.



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