Interesting Short Story About John the Driver and Jane the Accountant

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Interesting Short Story About John the Driver and Jane the Accountant

Interesting Short Story About John the Driver and Jane the Accountant.

John And Jane Studied Accounting in the same University. They were Classmates and after Five years of Studying hard, they both graduated. After graduation, Fate took them through different paths of life.

5 Years later, Jane after much frustration of securing a job, ended up as a Secretary in a Building firm earning 50,000 Naira monthly.
Meanwhile, John, on the other hand, Couldn’t Secure a Job and ended up a Taxi Driver, He makes At least 5,000 daily and if he works for only 20 days in a month, He makes 100,000 Naira that month.

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One Evening, Jane closed from work and was at the bus stop waiting for taxi when John Stopped, She hopped in when she discovered the taxi was going her way but little did she know it was John, all through the journey, she was lost in her Phone.

She reached her bus Stop and after highlighting, just when she was about paying, she took a look at the driver and their eyes met, wow! They were both happy.

“Is this you?” they both asked themselves simultaneously as if they planned it. Jane gave him money but John insisted she keep it. He was happy to see her and for old time sake, he left the money for her even when she insisted that she wanted to pay. They both exchanged contact and left.

Well, Jane went home that night and was lost in thought. Not as if John was looking bad but John driving Taxi? She couldn’t wrap her head around it. She Pitied him. Felt Sorry for him. If John had allowed her she would have paid him and beg him to keep the change.

Little did she know that, John actually has another Taxi running for him, He is a Land owner and he is planning on developing it soon. But because he was driving a Taxi, She felt Pity for him.

On the other hand, John felt sorry for himself too. Before he slept that night, he remembered Jane, how Neatly she dressed and Nice she Smells, “She must be earning over 300,000 Naira per month” he said to himself. He felt Ashamed, He felt like a failure and he felt she was way ahead of him financially and otherwise. Little did he know that, If Jane Removes he Transportation fare and feeding money from her monthly Salary, it will take her at least 3 Months to earn what he earns monthly.

Sadly, this is some of our Reality, you measure your progress and Success with that of your friends, Classmates and Relatives even with very limited information you have about them.

You think yours is worse because you look Dirtier, you think yours is worse because you are not on Cooperate wears, you think yours is worse because the other person acts and looks Nicer.

Stay Focused and Face your life. It’s not a competition. Stop Comparing things, you don’t have the full picture.

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Interesting Short Story About John the Driver and Jane the Accountant
Interesting Short Story About John the Driver and Jane the Accountant
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