5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

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5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

Five Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity.

Christianity and Islam are the two main religions widely practiced by many people across the world. The Catholic Church alone boasts of 1 billion devoted members which is a fraction of the 7.8 billion world’s population.

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Over time, the two religions have battled over supremacy, the Muslims believe that Islam is more superior based on the prophecies from the Holy book (Quran). On the other hand, Christians still maintain the fact that Christianity is superior to any other religion, and that all other religions originated from Christianity.

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

It is also believed by some clerics that Islam originated as a correction to Christianity. According to Wikipedia, Muslims regard Islam as a return to the original faith from the revelations received by Prophet Muhammad.

Let’s take a trip back memory lane on how Islam originated from Christianity.

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In the Holy Bible, Abraham is the father of Christianity and grandfather of Islam, this may sound absurd, but it is the crystal truth, that’s why Christians and Muslims are brothers from the foundation.

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

Abraham’s wife Sarah in the Old Testament was unable to bear children initially, so she gave her female servant Hagar to her husband Abraham. Hagar later conceived and gave birth to Ishmael, Abraham’s son.

Subsequently, Sarah became pregnant through the covenant and prophesy from God at age 90 and gave birth to Isaac, the rightful heir of Abraham.

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

Hagar and her son Ishmael were later on banished to the desert; however, God had promised that Ishmael will rise a great Nation of his own.

Ishmael settled in Mecca, and God’s promise was fulfilled. Islam sprang up from Ishmael and became a religion with a multitude of followers.

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

From this short story, we have been able to establish the connection between Christianity and Islam, now we are going to consider the similarities between the two religions and why they may seem the same.

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Please note, this article is not meant to establish which religion is superior to the other, but to point out the fact that both Christianity and Islam originated from one source and both religions worship the same God.

There is only one supreme God in Heaven, and whether Christian or Muslim, we all answer only to HIM!

What are the 5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

1.           Both Religions Believe in One Supreme God

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

Christianity and Islam have one thing in common, both religions believe in “ONE SUPREME GOD”. There is only one God in Heaven, and all devoted Christians and Muslims pray to that same God. There’s nothing like the God of the Christians or the God of the Muslims. From the generation, there has been only one Supreme God, and all other gods bow down to HIM.

The gods of other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism might be different, but the Supreme God which both the Christians and Muslims worship is the same.

2.           Both Religions originated from the same Father

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

As far as the Bible is concern, Abraham is the Father of Christianity and the grandfather of Islam. If you take a look once again from the story of how Islam originated from Christianity, God promised that Ishmael will raise a great Nation and that prophecy came to pass as it gave birth to Islam.

All Muslims are descendants of Abraham, and it is fair to say that Islam originated from Christianity, this is the more reason why they are similar.

Assuming Ishmael was not banished from Abraham’s household, maybe Islam would have remained one as Christianity, but God has a way of doing HIS things, and Islam as a religion has a clear purpose here on earth.

3.           Both Religions Has a Holy book for Reference and Guidance

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

Christians rely on The Holy Bible for spiritual guidance and reference, so also the Muslims rely on the Holy Quran for the same purpose.

The stories, scriptures, and teachings from the Holy Bible and the Quran are the same. If you read the translated version of the Quran, Jesus the SON of GOD, is referred to as “Isa ibn Maryam”, which means Jesus son of Mary.

The Quran also refers to Jesus as “ruh min Allah” which means “Spirit from God”, “kalimah min Allah”, which means the “Word from/of God”.

There is more, Jesus is also referred to in the Quran as “mushia bi’l Baraka, which means “the Messiah, someone blessed by God”.

This is another clear similarity between both religions.

Some Muslim clerics have argued that Jesus is just a prophet of God and not the Son of GOD.

Well, for this article, we’ll dwell more on the similarities between both religions and allow everyone to believe what they choose to believe.

What you choose to believe is up to you…

4.           Both Religion uses Talisman for Prayers

The Christians mostly Catholics use Rosary for prayers, while the Muslims use the Tasbih for prayers and devotion.

The Muslim Tasbih symbolizes the 99 names of Allah (GOD). It is used to mark the repetition of prayers and devotion.

5 Similarities That Proves Islam Originated from Christianity

The Catholic Rosaries is powerful and usually blessed by a Catholic priest before it is handed over to worshipers. We have heard several stories of the power of Rosaries; it has on several occasions saved people from attacks from the evildoers.

5.           Both Religion Pray in the same Manner

Christianity and Islam are also similar in terms of the manner of prayers offered by both religions. The early Christians which are the Catholics still pray in the same manner as the Muslims.

For instance, there is the morning Mass by 6 am for the Catholics, similarly, there is Morning Prayer for the Muslims. There’s an Afternoon Prayer for the Catholics by 12noon, similarly, there is also an afternoon prayer for the Muslims.

There is an evening mass by 6 pm for the Catholics, so also there is an evening prayer for the Muslims at the same time.

All this goes a long way to establish the similarities between the two religions.

Finally, it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, Christian, or Muslim, we all serve the same “SUPREME GOD”. This article is not meant to incite or provoke any battle whatsoever, but to unite us as one.

Remember we’ll all give an account of what we did or did not do, who we helped or did not help, and how we lived our life here on earth.

The life you are living is borrowed, it’s not your own!

Let’s always learn to live for others as this is the sole teaching of both religions, Christianity and Islam.

Feel free to drop your comment and contributions, no insults or name-calling, please.

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