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JUST IN: Tension and Fear In Afghanistan As Taliban Fighters ‘FLOG’ People For Wearing Jeans, Playing Music

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JUST IN: Tension and Fear In Afghanistan As Taliban Fighters 'FLOG' People For Wearing Jeans, Playing Music

JUST IN: Tension and Fear In Afghanistan As Taliban Fighters ‘FLOG’ People For Wearing Jeans, Playing Music.

Lots of residents in Afghanistan have been thrown into panic and fear as the Taliban fighters have been reported to start using strict measures in order to enforce their directives. 

The Taliban fighters on August 15 swept into Afghanistan’s capital after the government collapsed. This was followed by heavily armed Taliban fighters who fanned out across the capital, and several entered Kabul’s abandoned presidential palace. 

Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani fled the country shortly after as the Taliban advanced further into the capital Kabul.

The Taliban fighters entered Kabul and demanded the unconditional surrender of the central government. 

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The militants were later spotted celebrating as they took over the Bagram airbase, the heavily fortified military base that has housed US troops for the past twenty years.

In some photos that made it to social media, the militants were spotted in the presidential palace, beaming with smiles, while another set of militants posed in the conference room used by the president while he ruled.

Also, disturbing footage on social media showed thousands scrambling to get out of the capital amid fears the militants could reimpose a brutal rule that eliminated women and minority rights when they last held power.

Taliban Fighters Begin Flogging People On The Streets

Few days after the Taliban take over, there have been reports of civilians being flogged and beaten for not adhering to things like the stipulated dress code.

Taliban fighters according to a report by Daily Mail have taken to the streets to flog Afghan civilians who were spotted wearing ‘westernised’ clothing such as jeans.

From some social media posts, some civilians accused the Taliban fighters of flogging civilians accusing the civilians of disrespecting Islam by wearing jeans.  

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JUST IN: Tension and Fear In Afghanistan As Taliban Fighters 'FLOG' People For Wearing Jeans, Playing Music

According to one of such posts, some boys were ‘walking with friends in Kabul,’ when they were confronted by Taliban soldiers. Two of their friends escaped, the youth said, but the others were held at gunpoint and they were beaten and whipped in the street. 

In addition, a Taliban official told local newspaper Etilaatroz that the movement was still deciding on the dress code for men, but reports suggest the Taliban is unwilling to allow ‘westernised’ clothing that deviates from traditional ‘Afghan dress’. 

A report by The Telegraph also noted that sales of burqas have surged in Afghanistan amid a two-fold increase in prices.

There were also reports that some journalists had also been beaten for not wearing ‘Afghan clothes’ such as full-body gowns, according to a report by The Telegraph.

Taliban Fighters Flog Man On The Street For Playing Music

In addition to enforcing the dress codes, there are reports that a young man was beaten for playing music on his mobile phone.

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According to a video currently making the rounds, a Taliban fighter was spotted hitting a young man with the tip of his rifle for playing music on his mobile phone.

The Kabul man had been walking on a shopping street in Kabul when he was accosted by the Taliban fighter.

The Taliban started shouting and hit the young man’s neck with a rifle, leaving him reeling in confusion.

The Kabul man is said to have broken their sharia code by playing music.

 After hitting the Kabul man, the Taliban militant lifted his rifle to hit him again before another armed Taliban member intervenes and allows the man to continue making his way along the street.

The video which was shared by Metro UK, was supplied by a British National who is originally from Afghanistan.

The British National said, “The man was struck just for playing music on his phone.

“The Taliban are bringing in a lot of harsh restrictions, for example if you shave your beard you also risk being tortured and abused.

“While the British forces and the Americans are at the airport the Taliban are not enforcing a lot of the laws but when the international forces go they will apply to every single person.

“I am really scared for my family still in Afghanistan.”



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