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Lamar Odom Feels Ter­ri­ble For Preg­nant Khloé Kar­dashi­an Over Tris­tan Thomp­son Alleged Cheat­ing Con­tro­ver­sy!

Tris­tan Thomp­son isn’t the first NBA play­er to betray Khloé Kar­dashi­an’s heart.
So, it’s no sur­prise to learn that KoKo’s ex hus­band Lamar Odom feels just awful for the preg­nant KUWTK star.

As you sure­ly know, Miz Kar­dashi­an’s baby dad­dy has been hit with NUMEROUS alle­ga­tions. Alleged­ly, the 27-year-old is a known “ser­i­al cheater” and has been con­nect­ed to a trou­bling sex tape online.
But, like we said, this isn’t Kar­dashi­an’s first expe­ri­ence with infi­deli­ty. In case you for­got, Odom put his for­mer flame through the ringer dur­ing the course of their eight year mar­riage. On top of his addic­tion issues, the for­mer Los Ange­les Lak­ersplay­er was known to be unfaith­ful as well.
How­ev­er, at the end of the day, Lamar only has love for his ex wife and is sad­dened to learn that anoth­er bas­ket­ball play­er had tak­en advan­tage of the 33-year-old’s trust. An insid­er spilled to Peo­ple:
“Lamar feels ter­ri­ble for Khloé. He was­n’t sure if he should reach out and see how she’s doing. He feels for her.”
Same, man. Same.
Ear­ly this year, Lamar praised Khloé as a “great woman” since she stepped up and took care of him after his 2015 near death expe­ri­ence. ICYMI, the Revenge Body host rushed to Odom’s side and pulled the plug on their divorce, after the lat­ter was dis­cov­ered uncon­scious in a Neva­da broth­el. He lat­er entered a 30-day drug rehab pro­gram.
By 2016, Khloé refiled for divorce and got her split from Odom final­ized. Still, a year lat­er, Lamar com­plete­ly owned up to his drug usage and infi­deli­ty in a poignant piece for The Play­ers’ Tri­bune.
To make mat­ters worse, it sounds like Khloe’s fam­i­ly was blind­sided by this baby dad­dy dra­ma, as anoth­er con­fi­dant shared:
“[The Kar­Jen­ners were] real­ly hap­py to see Khloé so excit­ed about some­one again because she had­n’t felt that way about a guy since Lamar. Even­tu­al­ly Tris­tan won over her fam­i­ly too … he real­ly seemed ded­i­cat­ed to her, so this must be a shock to every­one.”
Like many friends and fans, we’re hon­est­ly so shak­en up by this con­tro­ver­sy and are keep­ing Khloé in our thoughts.
Stay strong, doll!

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