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American mother of twin boys delivers rare set of twin girls against 10-million-to-one odds (photos)

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A 27-year-old woman Casey Saunders has delivered rare set of identical twin girls in Colorado. The woman who already had identical twin boys with her husband Eugene Goree.

The rare set of twin girls are known as Monoamniotic Monochorionic or MoMo twins. Doctors describe the rare case as something that happens about once every 250 births.
It was gathered that the MoMo twins share a placenta and an amniotic sac, which makes this pregnancy a high-risk. The twin fetuses connect to the placenta via their umbilical cords. Resting together in the same sac puts them at risk for cord entanglement or cord compression.
The 27-year-old woman who stated that she was shocked and couldn’t believe that she was having another set of twins revealed that she had taken her 9-year-old twin boys along with her for her first ultrasound.
American mother of twin boys delivers rare set of twin girls Photo source: The Beginning
She said: “On the way to the ultrasound they were arguing over who was going to get to hold the baby first.”

“I thought the sonographer was trying to tease me when she said there were two heartbeats because she knew I had my twin boys with me. The technician saw the monitor and said ‘You should go buy a Powerball ticket when you’re done here.’ I was shocked. I called Eugene and said: ‘You’re not going to believe this.’ He was surprised but really excited from the beginning.”
the twin boys were happy to meet their sisters Photo source: The Beginning
it was gathered that the birth of the twin girls was against 10-million-to-one odds Photo source: The Beginning
Casey who spent 60 days in the hospital in other for the doctors to monitor the babies to avoid complications, shared her experience being separated from her family.
She said: “It’s hard being in the hospital when you’re completely healthy and away from your family, but what kept me going is knowing that each day, every week we’re in here, we get to bring home healthy, happy baby girls and the boys can’t wait for the opportunity to have sisters.”
The twin boys already stepping into the role of big brothers Photo source: The Beginning
The lady who delivered her twin girls at 32 weeks expressed that her 9-year-old twin boys have been gentle with the girls.
Mother of twin boys delivers rare set of twin girls after giving birth to twin boys Photo source: The Beginning.
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