Lil Pump Calls Out Google Regarding His Net Worth: Yall Got Me F-cked Up

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“$150K? That’s what I wipe my ass with.”

Lil Pump likes to flaunt his cash. In the past, the rapper has filmed himself blowing his nose into a hundred dollar bill. His biggest hit also entails the repetition of “Gucci Gang” over and over and, let me be the first to tell you, Gucci ain’t cheap.

Spending over $300K on his jewelry just last month, something seemed off about what Google was reporting Lil Pump’s net worth as. The search engine seemingly reported Pump’s earnings over his lifetime at $150K, appearing to be inaccurate as he claimed to have signed an $8 million record deal with Warner Bros. In today’s age of fake news and a search for truth, Pump called out Google for lying about his salary, letting it be known that he is worth much more than that.

Jetski added a video to his Instagram story, calling out Google in a way that only he could. 
“Google, y’all better stop playing with me bitch. My net worth is not 150, not $150K, y’all got me fucked up, bitch. $150K? That’s what I wipe my ass with, h-e.” Clearly perturbed by the simple suggestion that anybody could think he is worth such a minimal amount of money, Pump ended off his rant by yelling, “I’m worth $10 mil, bitch!”
Google appears to have not changed the misinformation as of now as searches for “Lil Pump net worth” bring up a top site that proposes the same measly $150K Pump was referring to. 


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