ALEKWU – The Idoma gods Who Kills The Husband When The Wife Commits Adultery

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Nigeria is a beautiful country with lots of cultural heritage and value. Nigeria is made up of different tribes that are made up of different cultures, ethics, and beliefs. Some of the Nigerian tribes still believe that the unseen spirits is part of their daily life.

In this article, we shall be discussing the strange Idoma Culture where the husband gets killed by the gods of the land (Alekwu) when the wife commits Adultery. I believe this sounds strange to you too.

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Idoma is one of the major tribes in Benue state after the Tiv, located at the North Central of Nigeria occupying 9 local governments out of the 23 Local Government in Benue State. 

Idoma’s Culture is one of the most feared culture in Nigeria and West Africa at large. The Idoma culture and tradition believe in a god called “ALEKWU” which means “SPIRIT OF THE ANCESTORS”. In some parts of Idomaland for example: Otukpa, Owukpa, and Orokam clan which makes up the Ogbadibo Local Government precisely, the people believe in their traditional god more than anything else.

Alekwu in Idoma kingdom is believed to have the power to protect, reward, and punish anyone who goes contrary to its laws. Alekwu has so many laws but in this article, we will be talking about just one of its laws which is the aspect of Adultery in marriages.

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Biblically, the soul that sinneth shall die but Alekwu’s theory is entirely different. For instance, when a married woman commits Adultery Alekwu has a way of sparing the woman and punishing her husband for the sins of the woman. This law is only applicable when the man is from that same kingdom. This particular law has caused a lot of controversies in the land leading to the death of so many innocent husbands. 

Another law is when the wife of the man commits abortion and cook for the husband, the man and any male child of the man will pay the ultimate price which is death. 

This law which has been passed down from generation to generation is also affecting the ladies indirectly. How? So many men refuse to marry from the land because they are scared of incuring the wrath of the god of the land “Alekwu” 

Also, if a male of Idoma origin commits incest, he would likewise incur the wrath of the god, except he confesses, and performs certain rites to appease the god of the land. 

Particularly, a family under the spell of Alekwu risks untimely and sudden death, mostly, it’s male children, ill-luck, strange sicknesses which are likely to defy medical intervention, and in the event of delayed or prolonged consultation of the gods, the head of the family pays the price with his life.

According to some Idoma scholars, the alekwu law is meant to be preserved and not to be changed, meaning the Alekwu law will stand till eternity.

What do you think about the Idoma culture and tradition?

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