Meet The World’s Most Identical Twins Who Share Same Boyfriend (Video)

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Anna and Lucy DeCinque have recently been called the world’s most identical twins. It all started seven years ago, when they decided to get matching breast augmentation surgeries. After that, they found themselves getting several more cosmetic treatments such as identical eyebrow tattoos, lip fillers, dental treatment, microdermabrasion and a whole lot more. In total, they have spent about $200,000 so far in maintaining their identical appearances.

The twins have become an internet sensation after telling the world about their lifestyle. There literally isn’t one thing that the girls do not share. If sharing a cell phone, car, bed, Job and even paycheck is not enough… the sisters also share a boyfriend! They refuse to be separated and spend every second of every day together. They don’t even go to the bathroom or take a shower by themselves.

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