Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria – King Chukwuka Akaeze (Photos)

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King Chukwuka Akaeze

Meet The Youngest King In Nigeria – King Chukwuka Akaeze (Photos).

In those days, hardly would you see a king who is young, most of the traditional rulers we had were aged men and they believe in ruling by maturity and that is one of the problems we are facing currently in Nigeria.

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The aged political classes are not so ready to leave the mantle of leadership for the youths, they believe they are mature but their maturity has not really changed our story for good.

King Chukwuka Akaeze

A King and leader isn’t a straightforward task, it takes your bravery, love, properties, attitudes, and alternative smart attributes. Being a King or leader at a young age is such a tough task. We tend to all grasp that in the African nation, most of our leaders square measure the older ones however this is often not applicable to the present young King as he’s the youngest King in Africa.

King Chukwuka Akaeze

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The name of the youngest king in African is Chukwuka patriarch Akaeze. The young king rules Ubulu Uku kingdom that is found in Delta state. you would like to visualize however this king rules his community, he even rules higher than some elders. Upon the death of his father, he was chosen because of the king of Ubulu Uku kingdom. Though he’s young however he’s endowed sagely. His installation as a king came when his father was seized and killed four years ago.

King Chukwuka Akaeze

Personally, I believe He is not ruling with his own wisdom. God in heaven and the gods of their land had given him wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to rule the people. I wish him more Grace, long life, and wisdom to rule his over his kingdom perfectly in Jesus’s name amen.

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King Chukwuka Akaeze
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