Ignorance Breed Hatred: High Chief Jack Rich Tein is Naturally Ahead of his Detractors

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High Chief Jack Rich Tein is Naturally Ahead of his Detractors.

Who is afraid of the man that cannot be threatened?


Indeed, we are Transversing a period where miserable elements powered by disgruntled, baseless Food-Is Ready Politicians to discredit personalities whose structures work tirelessly with unwavering commitments that culminated into the victory that triumph President Asiwaju higher above his fellow Contestants in the last general election.
Just as the saying: “Be a good person but waste no time in proving it to the unworthy and small-minded nitwits else you might be distracted from paying attention to things that matters”

Chief Jack Rich Tein is one of the Nigerian finnest and highly disciplined Young Personality whose dedication to serving the Country at any given fora is next to none, ie, he was the only highly placed Business Mogul who openly identified, even mobilise and sponsored selected campaign groups Nationwide just for the success of Asiwaju/Kashim Joint Ticket.
Chief Rich is rooted politically, well connected to the Grassroots, Rural Dwellers and very familiar with the expectations of Nigerians from Government at all levels. World all-over can attest to the fact that, Chief Jack Rich is not the bragging type, else he has done a lot to alleviate sufferings of the populace without Media Coverage through his Foundation, All in the quest to bring smile to faces of downtrodden within his reach.
These are just few of his numerous Advocacy/ Contributions to the well-being of deserving Nigerians.

 High Chief Jack Rich Tein

Chief Rich Foundation and other Initiatives of his has in no smaller measure brought joy, succour and hopes to many families across the Country. We shall capture views and remarks by some right thinking Nigerians in subsequent write-up.
Meanwhile, all the highlighted humanitarian interventions of his has not in any way frustrated or hampered his determination to ensure a successful, smooth and hitch free transmission of power from a sitting APC installed President to another APC President as evident in last general election which was keenly contested.

It’s on records that Chief Jack Tein came up with numerous support groups which membership cut across the 774 Local Govt Councils in Nigeria, ie ” Jack Rich Tein Polling Unit Canvassers 4Asiwaju and many more but he didn’t bother registering his platforms with the APC simply because the funding came solely from him, infact, some of the members are Professionals and eligible Nigerian voters whose nature of duty forbade them from being a card carrying members of political party, thou, they are well-wishers of the Brave, Forward-Looking, Easygoing and Kind Personality who has openly adopted him as role model and readily at hand to always do whatever pleases their Boss. This structural arrangement of Chief Rich Movement with other party Men and Women saw the victory of President Asiwaju Shetima joint ticket in so many states, the records are there.

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Aside the facts that Chief Jack Rich is a devout Christian who believes in the Will of God and of the school of thoughts that, “whatever belong to you never passes you by” let me quickly remind those faceless and hired sour haters that, President Tinubu is a man of honour who has constantly emphasizes the value of a reward system, thou, that will not undermine competency, creativity and dedication, all these attributes and qualities happened to be the watchwords of our revered Oil Magnate or international repute, I think the best bet at this juncture is for the emergency sponsored haters to save themselves the trouble and ink of writing unfounded articles tilted towards pulling down a formidable and forward looking Philanthropist of the masses, else it will only yield them disastrous and valueless fruits that will surely stand on their way to success someday. Shame, disgrace and reproach awaits all Enemies of His Excellency Jack Rich Tein.

ABK is a Political Strategist From Kogi State..



Ignorance Breed Hatred: High Chief Jack Rich Tein is Naturally Ahead of his Detractors.

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