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Mobility with Attitide (MWA) – Japan just made a robot that can turn into a two-seater car

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The 3.7-metre tall transformer style humanoid robot called “J-deite RIDE”

Transformer fans rejoice! Your dream of owning a personal BumbleBee isn’t that far away- thanks to the Japanese engineers who created a 3.7-metre tall transformer style humanoid robot called “J-deite RIDE” which can transform into a two-seater electric car.

Kenji Ishida, CEO of Brave Robotics, the man behind the “J-deite RIDE” robot is a die-hard fan of anime movies featuring robots that could transform or combine with each other to take new forms.

“I grew up believing that robots had to be capable of such things, which became my motivation to develop this robot,” Ishida told Reuters Television.

“Some people may view the robot as an “expensive toy”, but it was intended to inspire others,” Ishida added.

In the demonstration video, the 3.7 meters tall robot morphs into a blue electric car in under a minute. It takes the similar amount of time to switch back to the robot as well.

The car can touch a maximum speed of 40mph, In its robot form, it’s much slower and walks at a 100 meters per hour speed, even though the tests have been limited to the Brave Robotics’ garage.

Image credit: Reuters

Brave Robotics alongside Asratec -an affiliate of the Japanese mobile tech investment conglomerate SoftBank- spent three years developing J-deite RIDE. The robot was designed by roller coaster manufacturer Sansei Technologies and the developers expect this technology, will benefit amusement parks and the entertainment industry.

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