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Mobility with Attitude (MWA) – How to turn a Fiat Uno into a Lamborghini Aventador

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Rondonopolis, Brazil – Most people can’t afford to buy a Lamborghini and neither could Brazilian mechanic Edimar Souza Goulart – so he simply built his own, kind of.

The 28-year old had always dreamed of owning a sports car but couldn’t afford one, so the resourceful petrolhead converted his 16-year old Fiat Uno into a quite convincing Lambo Aventador lookalike.

After buying the Uno for the equivalent of R31 000 two years ago, it took him one year and just over R10 000 to craft a new sportscar body around his humble hatchback, but the very striking end result has garnered Goulart a lot of attention in Brazil and abroad.

Along with all its flamboyant Lambo-esque lines, the pimped-up car has ‘Aventador’ printed along the rear, as well as the signature bull badge on the bonnet.

The upgrade is purely cosmetic and mechanically the car is pure Uno. Unlike the V12-engined Aventador which rocks the 0-100km/h sprint in around three seconds and reaches a top speed of 349km/h, the ‘Lamborguno’ – as it’s been dubbed by locals – achieves distinctly more leisurely figures of 15 seconds and 151km/h.

The Uno interior remains unchanged for now but Goulart says he isn’t done yet, and his creation will receive some final tweaks. He is also reportedly awaiting permission from Brazilian authorities to legally drive the modified car on public roads.

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