VIDEO: As Punishment Man Sings and Tw3rks for Soldiers For Breaking Lockdown Rules

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Man Sings and Tw3rks
Man Sings and Tw3rks

VIDEO: As Punishment Man Sings and Tw3rks for Soldiers For Breaking Lockdown Rules.

We spotted a trending video a young man asked to dance by some military men after he allegedly broke the lockdown rules in Ivory Coast.

In the trending video, the young man was asked to dance and sing by the security men deployed to ensure that people obey the lockdown rules. It’s so hilarious, we couldn’t help but share it.

Many countries across the world are also facing the lockdown to control the spread of the Coronavirus disease.

No doubt has regretted stepping out at the wrong time.


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Man Sings and Tw3rks
Man Sings and Tw3rks
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