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Nigerian man lambastes his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him for a rich father of 2

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A Nigerian man has rained curses on his ex after she left him for a rich man

The man revealed that his ex left him after another man rented an apartment for her

Can money buy love? This question has been the topic of many discussions and there has been no definate answer to it. It is true that people tend to leave their partners when they realised they can receive better opportunities with someone else.
These opportunities could be related to luxurious lifestyles, money and it could just be love and happiness found with someone else.
A Nigerian man identified as Temmy Gold has taken to social media to lambaste his girlfriend after she allegedly left him for a man who is richer than him.
Nigerian man lambastes his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him for a rich father of 2 Photo source: Facebook user Temmy Gold
According to him, his ex-girlfriend Tope Adebayo had left him for someone else after the man rented her an apartment. He also revealed that the rich man is a father of two children.
Read below:
“Caffy temmy gold.. , You broke my heart, the woman I trust, we eat together catch fun, play, spend in terms of money but now you leave me because a man of two kids rented you a room.
Tope you won’t be favoured, mercy from East, West, South, North won’t locate you. You won’t suffer till your third generation God’s plan will never be your might Omo oni sin err. wa sanku. won ni jere tree.

You won’t be happy in th morning till night. adebayo tope caffy temmy gold wa sanku ni daff tabi mark tabi iveco Loma paa re awon obi ee koni jere re. Although your mother have course you because of what you have done for me. So shall it be. Amen Amin ase agreed.”
Is it possible for money to buy love?
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