Shocker, Children Around the Ages of 8 and 10 Caught on Camera Getting High on Beer

This shocker photo of children getting high on beer is causing internet melt down as Nigerians demand to know which part of the country this unfortunate event happened.

Looking at the photo closely, it seems the children were on a birthday party and they could be seen gulping the bottles of beer looking pretty high.

In Nigeria it is illegal to sell alcohol to people bellow the age of 18, not to talk of children for that matter. The brand of beer they were seen drinking was ‘life’, which makes us belief that possibly this occurred in the southern part of the country.

Alcohol abuse could lead to all manner of sickness like liver and kidney failure, high blood pressure, stroke and many others. We hope the Government and renowned NGO such as VGADA take this up and look into the matter.


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