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Psquare Vs Dbanj, the battle of exotic mansions (Photos)

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D’banj’s exotic living room  (Instagram/Bangalee)
Psquare’s mansions and that of D’banj all have something in common which is how massive and extoic these edifices are.
When you hear the names of these guys, Psquare, D’banj, aside from their flourishing music careers, you also think about their affluent lifestyle.

In the world where celebrities are known not just for their craft but how they live their lives, we have seen celebrities buy exotic cars, massive mansions and go on expensive trips on yachts and private jets.
Psquare isn’t left out of the group of celebrities who have not only made a name for themselves but live a very extravagant life. When this twins started hitting stardom and becoming multi-millionaires, we saw the kind of cars and house the got for themselves.
The Square Villle former residence of Psquare  (PMNewsNigeria)
One cannot forget in a hurry the famous,Omole mansion also known as ‘SquareVille‘ which was the symbol of the arrival of these guys to the “Big Boys Club.” Later on, they moved out of the mansion into their own personal houses which we can say are both states of the art edifice.
D’banj’s exotic living room  (Instagram/Bangalee)
From the interiors, massive living rooms that could pass for a mini-stadium to massive television sets, Psquare sure are living the larger than lifestyle.
Psquare mansion  (Nairaland)
Paul Okoye’s house  (KemiFilani)
D’banj, on the other hand, is known to be a very private person when it comes to anything that has to do with his personal life. We remember no one even knew when he got married! Yes, he is that secretive but when the music star decided to show us his the interior of his mansion, he shut down the internet.
Peter Okoye’s house  (36NG)
D’banj  (Instagram/IamBangaLee)
Even though not so much was seen in the house, we got to see the massive living room and just like that of Psquare, his humongous television set hanging on the wall shows that these celebrities have a thing for big television sets.
Psquare luxurious living room  (
It’s safe to say that, when you become a big celebrity like D’banj and Psquare, your lifestyle will change tremendously from living in normal houses to that houses that can match with the ones we get to on the famous ‘MTV Cribs‘!
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