See Adorable Photos of a Brother Making His Sister’s Hair during Lockdown

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Brother Making His Sister’s Hair

See Adorable Photos of a Brother Making His Sister’s Hair during Lockdown.

The intense heat of the first lockdown in Nigeria made a lot of Nigerians became creative in so many ways. Nobody knew Nigerians love jugging not until the government asked people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemics.

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Virtually everyone became a sportsman/woman; even the old were not left out as they were also seen on the streets jugging. Others who didn’t like jugging had to create new hobbies just to while away time and have fun.

For Adams, his hobby became making women’s hair and his first client was his younger sister. The handsome young man, a native of Benue State said he developed the habit of making his sister’s hair right from when they were young.

Brother Making His Sister’s Hair
Brother Making His Sister’s Hair

“While we were growing up as children, as the eldest brother of the house I did all the house chores from birthing my younger ones to cleaning the house, I even went as far as helping my sisters loose their hair, I have three sisters, and even till now I still loose their hair when I’m free, he said.”

The young man who makes a living as a building contractor said during the lockdown, he thought of what to do just to catch fun and remove boredom then he decided to learn how to make women’s hair and that he got some tutorials from YouTube where her watch how various hairstyles were being done.

“Because of the lockdown, I couldn’t go for proper training, so what I did was virtual learning, I downloaded so many videos from YouTube where I learned how to make different hairstyle, though I’m not too perfect at it, I think if I continue I will. He said.”

Brother Making His Sister’s Hair
Brother Making His Sister’s Hair

When I asked him if I could share his new hobby with the world via this platform, he jumped at the idea and said he will gladly oblige a short interview.

When asked if he would love to take the making of hair as a career he said “Nah, it is just something I do for fun.”

So there you have it guys, what are you thought about this handsome man and his newest addiction?

Is it normal for a brother to make his sister’s hair?

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