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Shocker! Wife Butchers Husband Uses His Body Parts to Cook Rice (Photos)

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Cannibalism is seen as one of the darkest taboos in many cultures. But beyond the social stigma of eating fellow humans, there’s a strange danger that comes with cannibalism.

The police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has said that a woman allegedly killed her boyfriend and served his remains in a traditional dish.

According to reports, the alleged victim’s brother was visiting the suspect to ask about his sibling when he spotted a tooth in her blender, prosecutors say.

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Although she told him they had broken up, his suspicions were aroused and he called in the police. At first the woman denied involvement but then broke down and said that she had killed him during a “moment of insanity,”

They added that the Moroccan native also claimed that she had supported the victim during their seven-year relationship, and then he told her that he was going to marry someone else in her homeland.

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It is then alleged that she butchered his body and minced it in a blender. She reportedly told investigators that she used the meat to cook machboos, a dish made from rice, spices, and typically, lamb.

She is then alleged to have served this to a group of construction workers nearby in order to get rid of the evidence. The leftovers were fed to neighbourhood dogs.

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The suspect allegedly asked a friend for help to clean the house. While she noticed the bloodstains, the friend is not thought to have witnessed the crime.

Investigators did not offer details on how she carried out the killing, but they said that the woman faces a court date once the investigation is complete.

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