“The Anti-Christ is Already on Ground” Preacher Warns on Mark of the Beast and Rapture

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A Nigeria Preacher Daniel O. Ukaegbu of “The Secret Place Ministry” has warned Christians to repent and be united with God as The Anti-Christ are already on ground waiting to devour the world after rapture.

Daniel is know around the country for his fearless and boldness in preaching the word of salvation on the street, saving souls for Christ.

Explaining the warning and signs on Facebook, the preacher wrote:

Beloved, the Coming of Christ is at the door! Many are currently seeing the Mark of the Beast 666 appearing on their Foreheads in some parts of the world. The Anti-Christ is already on ground waiting for the Rapture of the Saints before he fully unveils himself.

Once the Rapture takes place, those who miss the glorious flight will be forced to receive the Mark of the Beast either on their Foreheads or in their right hand(Rev 13:16). Without this Mark, such people would not be able to buy, sell, or be seen openly because they will be declared as “Enemies” of the New Government led by the Anti-christ.

Many will have money in their account but can’t use it. There will be ONE CURRECY and ONE GOVERNMENT! Those who refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast will be subjected to severe tortures, eyes will be plucked out, hands will be cut off, and so many who can’t endure the excruciating and dehumanizing treatment will be forced to receive the 666 mark and then, they will be doomed forever!(See Rev 14:9-10)

Here is wisdom: That every one gets himself prepared for the Rapture. The Rapture will sound any moment! Are you ready? To miss the reign of the Anti-christ, we must not miss the Rapture. “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”(Rev 2:29).

PRAYER: O GOD! Keep me ready for Your Return. May I not miss Your Return. Amen.



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