Things That Will Happen in 2020, Read and Learn

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Things That Will Happen

What to know about 2020 and things that will happen.

Year 2020 is less than three weeks from today, it is important to note that; 2020 is not just a year but the beginning of a new DECADE; 2020 to 2029.

In this new decade, a lot of things will happen that will change the narration in many ways.

In this new decade, new businesses, organisations etc will emerge and others may fold up.

New millionaires and billionaires will emerge while others may loose their spot.


In our country, two general elections will take place; 2023 and 2027 bringing in new Presidents, Governors, Senators and Reps Members.

Teenagers will become adults, those in secondary school today can become even PhD holders by the end of the next decade.

This are some of the things that will happen come 2020.


Be strategic as you plan for the next year and decade.

Understand that you are not just going into a new year but into a new decade and many things are on for grab.

Ask yourselve very in depth questions;

What will be my spot in the new decade, what is my vision for the coming decade?

What do I need to start doing to achieve that vision?

What are the things that I need to start doing differently in order to achieve that vision.

Create a road map, a blue print of what you will be doing consistently yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily and keep at it.

Put all the above into action and be consistently persistent!

YOU ARE CRAFTED TO BE A MAJOR SUCCESS; the coming decade is your turn. On your marks, be ready…

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