Some Causes of Accident During December Month

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Accident During December
Causes of Accident During December

What are some causes of accident during December?

There are no special demons that cause accident during December, it is lack of planning and unnecessary competition that leads to all manner of tragedies this period.

I know a young man who bought a car during Christmas, went to driving school for few days, and chose to drive to the village by himself.

Unfortunately, he entered under a trailer on the highway, and everybody in the car, including himself died. That was a careless death.

The best thing he would have done was to pay an experienced driver to take him to the village. Many people will repeat this same mistake from during this period, and when they die, we will say it is the spirit of ember month.

Africans have demonic names for all their mistakes. I’m not saying that there are no forces of hell on the highway that may cause accident during December, but if we do our part, God will definitely protect us.

I know that some of us will say “God forbid,” but the competition to show who is the wealthiest person in the village this season is also why some people may not see 2020.


I have always maintained that having cars and building houses, and using expensive wine to wash your clothes is not a sign that you’re rich.

Stop trying to show the villagers that you’re now a wealthy person. If you’re truly wealthy we will know. We know that Aliko Dangote is a billionaire because his companies are there for all to see.

To go through this season unscattered, you need rest. Jesus said: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.

The rest He is talking about is not idleness, but having peace of mind while chasing after your dreams.

I will never forget what my brother told me many years ago. He said, “Good things will never finish.” That phrase delivered me from unnecessary competition forever.

Please don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be motivated or inspired by the achievements of others, but don’t let it put you under unnecessary pressure. Celebrate their achievements and move on.

If you cannot comfortably buy cars for now kindly relax. You think you have seen cars? You have seen nothing yet.

You will see real cars within the next years. So if you cannot comfortable afford the 2019 model of your dream car, kindly wait for the 2021 model. Don’t be lazy, but don’t kill yourself because you want to belong.

If you did not plan to travel to the village during this festive season, kindly stay back and rest.

Let me be frank with you, January is almost here. You must do two things before you travel.

Firstly, don’t tamper with your children’s school fees. Secondly, don’t tamper with your house rent if you’re still a tenant. Don’t forget that Christmas is only one day celebration.

Finally, experts said that fatigue is the major cause of road accidents in Nigeria!

As an experienced driver, I understand what they are talking about. The moment you find out that you’re feeling sleepy while driving, don’t sit there and be pleading the Blood of Jesus. Pull over immediately and wash your face. Walk around and probably rest for a while before you continue the journey. It is better to be late than for people to add ‘late’ before your name.

Wisdom is profitable to direct! I pray that wisdom in this message will be a lesson to us and open our eyes towards activities in the last few weeks of 2019.

May God meet us at point of our needs and guide us throughout this coming xmas season.

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