September 27, 2023

2 thoughts on “U.S Confirms President Buhari is Infected with Coronavirus

  1. The tout connived in London parading himself as Buhari who is Coronavirus positive is dead. Mamman Daura, Buratai etc. are Coronavirus positive. God in heaven the owner of the world and everything in it, has destroyed the so-called Aso Rock of fulani caliphate with its emirates with Coronavirus. God has destroyed fulani caliphate with its emirates. The so-called Nigeria which is fulani caliphate with its emirates, has fallen. It is Yugoslavia of Africa. The six geopolitical zones are Sovereign States. Sovereign States of this territory natives must be fully armed now, Eliminate thugs of fulani caliphate with its emirates nickname military and police and defend their territorial borders or pay the price. Boko Haram is for North East Republic, Amotekun is for Oduduwa Republic of south west, Ogbunigwe is for Biafra Republic of south east. Anyim Pius Anyim is interim president Biafra Republic of south east.

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