Update from Video of Suspected Yahoo Boy That Stab Himself to Death

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Suspected Yahoo Boy
Suspected Yahoo Boy stab himself to death

Update from Video of Suspected Yahoo Boy That Stab Himself to Death.

In Ghana, a man has taken his own life in a mysterious way which makes locals believe he may be involved in a very serious matter. Some believe he was into internet fraud popularly known as yahoo yahoo.

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In recent times we have seen the repercussion these internet fraudster faces after involving themselves in all manner of fetish activities just to make money.

Most of them have run mad; some went to the extent of barking like dogs while others have committed suicide on several occasions.

The unknown young man in this scenario was said to have borrowed a knife from an orange seller and stab himself multiple times before people could stop him.

According to an eyewitness Efo Kodjo who shared the sad news on his twitter handle, the incident happened in Tema a city in Ghana.

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“chale last night right before me, this guy tooo a knife from one orange seller Nd killed himself like a movie.” He wrote

Suspected Yahoo Boy

Efo went on to say that he spotted the man close to an orange seller after dropping from a bus he boarded to Tema but didn’t suspect anything was wrong.

As he kept watching, the young boy who was selling the oranges walked gradually away from the man who collected the knife. Before he knew what was happening the man had already stabbed himself to death.

This is very sad and heartbreaking for a young man to take his own life. There is something obviously fishy in this sad event.

Up till the time of filing this report, the identity of the young man who took his life has not been ascertained, but I’ll do more diggings and see what pops up.

We hope Ghanaian authorities will look into this matter and get to the bottom of it with a logical answer to the puzzle behind this sad event.

Suicide is never an option, there is a solution to every problem, and taking your life only adds to the problem, it doesn’t solve it.

You can watch the video here but be warned it might be disturbing.

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Suspected Yahoo Boy
Suspected Yahoo Boy
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