Want wider, fuller hips? These are the 5 exercises you need to do!

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Lots of women dream of wider hips to give them that coke bottle body and thanks to these exercises you can achieve it.

If you want wider, fuller hips, these are the 5 exercises you need to do  (Femnique)

These workouts will target the gluteus minimus and gluteus maximus which are the major butt muscles and gluteus medius.These are the main groups of muscles that help to form the shape of your hips and butt.

It’s all about sticking to a super targeted wider hip workout plan, and eating properly to support muscle growth. You cannot change your bone structure but you can influence how your muscles are sculpted if you’re willing to put the work in.

Also bare in mind that your hip width is mainly determined by your pelvic size. So if you genetically have narrow hips it’s going to take consistent work and determination to reach your desired hip size and even then, chances are you may never reach that goal.

In order to achieve these results through exercise, you need to concentrate on strength training and bodyweight exercises which will have to be combined to produce quicker results.

You ready? Let’s get into it!

1. Side lunge with dumbbell

Side lunge with dumbbell for wider hips
Side lunge with dumbbell for wider hips  (Oxygen Magazine)


This is one of the ultimate exercises for increasing your hip width and it can be done using dumbbells or a barbell.

Doing this with dumbbells will stimulate more muscle growth, which leads to increased hip width.

  • Stand erect with your feet close together while holding a pair of dumbbells  in front of you.
  • Facing forward throughout, make sure to stand erect as much as possible. You’re going to take a big step to one side while descending in this deep squat position.
  • Now push back up and bring your leg to the original position and repeat.
  • Do the required amount of sets listed on the chart.

2. Sumo Squats with dumbbell

Another powerful wider hips workout that works well. When performing this exercise make sure that you pace yourself.

Keep your range of motion at a slower pace so that so you can feel the intensity in your muscles.

  • Stand with your legs a little more than shoulder-width apart and legs turned out from your hips.
  • Now hold a dumbbell with both hands right in front of you, arms straight and your shoulders drawn back.
  • Slowly bend your knees and enter a deep squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • Hold the position for one second and rise back into the original position then repeat.
  • Follow the required number of reps listed on the chart below.

3. Lateral Lifts

This bodyweight workout will definitely increase the intensity of the session.

It might look very simple to do but if you’re doing it properly you will definitely feel it.

It is very effective for targeting the gluteus minimus and medius.

  • Stand up straight with your left hand resting on a the back of a chair.
  • Now slowly raise your right leg sideways as far as possible then slowly lower it down and repeat.

4. Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts are similar to side dumbbell abductions, only you’re lying down instead. This move targets the hip and glute more directly.

  • Lie down on a mat on your right side with your back, neck, and head in a neutral position.
  • Rest your head on your arm, which should be extended above your head.
  • Stack your legs on top of each other.
  • Brace your core and begin to raise your left leg as high as you can. Pause at the top.
  • Slowly return to starting position.

Do 15 reps with each leg for 3 sets.

5. Hip Raises

Hip raises
Hip raises  (The Leaf- Nutrisystem)

This exercise is also known as a bridge. It’s great for your glutes.

  • Start by lying on the floor. Keep your back straight and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Your feet should be flat on the ground.
  • Keep your arms straight at your sides with your palms facing down.
  • Breathe in and push through your heels. Lift your hips up by squeezing your glutes, hamstrings, and pelvic floor.
  • Rest your upper body on your back and shoulders, forming a straight line down to your knees.
  • Pause for 1 to 2 seconds at the top and return to the starting position.

Complete 15 reps for 3 sets.

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