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KENNY KO Talks Mas­sive Mus­cle Woman! Are Her Gains Real or Pho­to­shopped?

Are her gains real or pho­to­shopped?

There’s no ques­tion. When it comes to women with incred­i­ble amounts of mus­cle and size it’s hard to argue against Nataliya Kuznetso­va being the queen. She has packed a tremen­dous amount of size onto her physique and just seems to be get­ting more and more pow­er­ful and mas­sive.

KENNY KO is known for delv­ing into whether or not fit­ness per­son­al­i­ties and fig­ures are pho­to­shop­ping their images or if they are legit­i­mate­ly the real deal. This time around KENNY KO is tak­ing on the mas­sive mus­cle woman that is Nataliya Kuznetso­va to answer the ques­tion on whether her gains are legit or if they’re pho­to­shopped.

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