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What will happen to my body if I start doing squats?

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Rahul Raviprasad
Working out for 8 years
9w ago
“Skinny people look good in clothes, fit people look good naked”
Muscular Fit

vs Skinny Fit
So what will squats do?
Stronger GlutesBetter looking legsBeing compound movement affect multiple muscles togetherBoost testosterone production, helping in gaining muscle mass.Overall stronger and more functional, it is an important exercise of Indian wrestling “Kushti”.
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Mike Hill
studied at Mundelein Cons High School (2009)
9w ago
If you squat deep with heavy resistance, you will get strong quads and strong glutes. You will definitely notice a difference in your butt. You will look good in jeans.
If you squat halfway with heavy resistance, you will get massive quadriceps. Your thighs will be huge, you will shred your pants monthly (probably will happen if you do deep squats too….), and you will probably have bigger things than you know what to do with, causing chaffing.
If you squat deep with light resistance, you will get some muscle tone, without bulking up too much (most likely) and you will burn some calories.
If you do partial reps with light resistance you will…. Be able to say you did squats? Sort of?
That’s the basics. Of course, that assumes regular barbell squats, without accounting for the endless squat variations or even bar positioning (bar positioning lower on the back can also add bulk to your shoulders, traps, and back if you use heavy weight). People assume squats are simple but they are not.
However, any squat (done safely) is surely beneficial so if you can get started you can always figure out the best variation as you get more comfortable.
Derek Miller
Research Assistant at Perinatology Research Branch – NIH (2014-present)
9w ago
Your legs will start looking a lot better after a few weeks.
Your confidence will increase a result of moving a barbell on your back.
The metabolic changes resulting from working out/increasing muscle mass will help you lose weight and keep it off, as opposed to just cardio.
And, who doesn’t like a good squat booty?
Darren Moroney
Getting to a better version of me one smart workout at a time
9w ago
Hard question to provide a specific answer for.
Squats will make your legs stronger, contribute to total daily calorie output (though not as much as you think) and potentially make you pretty sore (especially if you’re new to training).
Like most health and fitness related questions the first answer is “it depends”.
Are they bodyweight squats?
Are they weighted squats? If so, how much?
To see the effects of different kinds of squats on the body compare a bodybuilder to a power lifter.
Bodybuilders have large amounts of definition due to their style of training whereas a strength athlete like a power lifter is big and less defined.
Your body adapts to the demands placed on it.
Luis Lopez
Have my own home gym, trained MMA for a couple years
9w ago
Squatting is my favorite exercise.
There are various studies done on the benefits of the squat. But really, you don’t need a study to know that squatting is good.
Anatomically, the position stretches the lower back, decompresses the spine and releases the hips.
Also, you get nice legs!
Mark Werner
Longtime student of exercise physiology.
9w ago
You don’t say if you’re planning to do “free” squats (no weights) or resistance squats with a barbell (or machine).
In either case, the squat is a basic leg exercise targeting primarily the quadriceps group. If that’s ALL you are going to do you’ll get stronger “quads”.
If you’re going to exercise, I would recommend a complete program, not just one exercise that targets one muscle group.
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