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Who is the Richest teenager in Nigeria?

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There are a lot of teenagers in Nigeria who already are incredibly rich, some of them earned their wealth through their jobs, while some are lucky to have wealthy parents. So, who is the richest teenager in Nigeria? Find out the answer as we take you on a ride….

Today, a Nigerian teen can earn millions – but in reality, this is not for everyone. Of course, even if you are not a son or daughter of the billionaire, you definitely have to be privileged with some family connections that will help you to start out on your desired platform. Here, you will find out who is the richest celebrity in Nigeria in her/his teenage years, and learn more about the wealthy teens.
Regina Daniels, photo from
Regina Daniels, the young actress and daughter of Rita Daniels
This young and charming teenager is only 17 years old, but she is already a famous actress, producer, and model. She was born on October 10th, 2000, into the family of the actress Rita Daniels, who is also a Chairwoman of the Delta State’s Actors Guild of Nigeria. Regina has definitely inherited her hardworking nature and acting talent from her mother. The young star says that she has been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a little girl. She was definitely lucky, as Nigeria has one of the most developed movie industries in Africa, and there is always a place for child actors.
Regina Daniels started her movie career at the age of seven when she got a role in the movie “Marriage of Sorrow”, produced by the Pressing Forward Productions studio. Her mother supported her the entire way, and probably shared a lot of acting secrets with her. Regina originally had a fee of only 10,000 Naira for a movie. Currently, her fee is reported to be 500,000 Naira per movie, and all Nollywood producers want to have this beautiful actress in their movies.
The most popular movies of Regina Daniels are “The Jericho”, “The Bat-Man”, “Stronger than the Gods”, “Jaja the Great”, and many others. She also produced some of her movies, like “The Jericho”, and “Twins Apart”. She received a lot of recognition for her acting. For instance, she got a nomination from City People Movie Award as Best Supporting Actress, as well as Most Promising Actress. She also became a winner of several awards for her roles at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
Even though she is so famous, she has not forgetting about education. For secondary education, she combined studies at Hollywood International School Asaba in Delta State with acting. Now, she is a student of Igbinedion University Okada in Edo State. Aside for acting and studying, Regina also does a lot of charity work, and at 17, she already has her own organization called Regina Daniels Foundation. This shows how much she cares about people who are less successful than her. The organization is mostly aimed at helping physically challenged people.
According to the various websites, the net worth of this teenage actress is estimated at $350,000. Surely, her mother is quite known in the acting world, but she definitely reached her success not only thanks to her but because of her perseverance and outstanding talent. She is now the richest celebrity in Nigeria who is in her teenage years. If she continues working hard, she will build an absolutely amazing career.
Fewa Otedola, son of billionaire Femi Otedola
Fewa Otedola
Femi Otedola is a businessman who works in the oil and gas and is the chairman of Forte Oil Plc. Together with his wife Nana Otedola, he has three daughters – Florence Ifeoluwa popularly known as DJ Cuppy, Christine Olawunmi, and Elizabeth Temi. His only son and youngest child is 16 years old Fewa.
Fewa Otedola is a young man with special needs, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is very close to his older sister Temi, who shared a touching story about her brother on last year’s World’s Autism Awareness Day. Temi said that she always admired the way her mother helped Fewa with simple daily tasks, and eventually she embraced the role of a caring older sister. According to Temi, Fewa does not need sympathy, he is an independent person, who is also kind, genuine, and caring. She said that she never saw Fewa’s autistic disorder as a disability, it is a part of things that make him who he is. Fewa Otedola’s family does not view his autism as a negative thing and considers him to be a genuine and lovely person.
Fewa Otedola is the richest teenager in Nigeria Even though Femi Otedola has lost a lot of his money recently due to Nigeria’s recession, his net worth is still estimated to be $550 million, so Fewa can be considered one of the richest young people in Nigeria.
You have learned about the richest teenagers in Nigeria. These people already have a huge fortune, either earned or inherited from their rich parents.
Do you think there are others out there we did not include?
Please feel free to add yours to the list by commenting.
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