Why is it Always Difficult to be Born Again in Nigeria?

Born Again

I have lost count the number of times I gave my life to Christ, a true born again. The devil keep coming after me.

I went to my church on Friday night and gave my life to Christ and surrendered all to Him totally. I have been in that holy and righteous spirit until this morning.

On my way back from church, rushing to go to the market, the traffic light had just turned YELLOW as I crossed. This police car pulled over in front of me as if I were a wanted drug lord. My heart skipped and shrieked a bit and sent my adrenaline pumping faster.

One of the officers said that I “beat traffic”. I told him the light was YELLOW when I crossed. He said that yellow means I should wait, I should stop.

Phew! “Sir, yellow means get ready to stop”. Then argument started and it narrowed down to 1000 naira. I insisted I wasn’t going to pay a dime for committing no crime.

One of them joined me and told me to drive to their station. I did. When we got there, he got down and I made to go, he shouted, hitting his fist on my car. I got down and feigned ignorance, and asked what the problem was.

“Go and write your statement and submit your keys”. I started screaming “God, oh my God, what has this country turned into? Will you say it’s Buhari again?” I was screaming at the top of my voice when a senior police officer asked me calmly what the problem was.

“Sir, I was on my way from church and this officer asked me for a lift. I brought him here only for him to ask me to write a statement and submit my key. Just like that”. I said and clapped my hands in utter bewilderment.

He turned to the officer that brought me and asked what happened. The officer, probably still in shock, couldn’t say a word. He was just staring at me. Maybe he was also in the bad books of his boss.

The senior officer tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to go. I zoomed off.

Now, I have to give my life to Christ again and be Born Again.

This country don tire me.

This born again story might be a joke, but things like this happens.


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