How One Night Stand with Mr Handsome Got Me Pregnant in NYSC Camp

One Night Stand with Mr Handsome Got Me Pregnant in NYSC Camp

How One Night Stand with Mr Handsome Got Me Pregnant in NYSC Camp, now I am searching for the father of my unborn baby.

It all started in NYSC Orientation Camp Wannune,Tarka,Benue State. On this Fateful day I was on my way to Mammie market to get my favourite meal which is noodles and egg, I met this handsome young man on my way we picked a chat and he said he is heading to eat too.

We headed to my favourite spot and he ate the same meal as mine, I was about paying for my meal and surprisingly he said I shouldn’t bother about payment, I thanked him anyway and he requested for my phone number which I gladly gave him without hesitation. Moreover he paid for me without knowing me.


After that day, he didn’t call, until two days time when i thought he has forgotten me, i saw his call. He requested to know me better so we had a date the next day which was SAED class. we decided to meet at the stadium, there we have a long discussion and get to know our self better.

He summoned the courage to ask me out, i was actually waiting for him to say such during our conversation finally he did. I didn’t give him straight answer i just smiled which means yes.

He took me to my favourite spot for dinner. Who am i to say no, We had a good time that night but the fun was cut off by a soldier man who blow the beagle which signal us to return to our various lodges.

On the the last day of camp we left camp together and lodged in a hotel and trust me I had the sex have been longing for with my Mr handsome. It was a one night stand, and yes i enjoyed it.

A month after leaving camp I missed My menstrual period which was as a result of the sex we had, All test shows am pregnant.

All effort to get in touch with Mr handsome have been in vain.

What should i do?


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