“Wicked” see what this boy was caught doing that got him into a big trouble

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Look at what this small boy was caught doing, he was caught placing nails under wheels tyres of 4 different cars at Uthiru shopping center.

The small boy is extremely wicked, because of what he was caught doing, I don’t blame the small boy that much, but I will put all the blames on his parents.

Because assuming he was giving a good orientation from his parents’ house, I’m very sure he won’t behave in such a manner.

There is a saying that reads ” Take care of your children so that they can give you rests of mind now and in the future”.

Because I don’t know the intentions of this small boy, that makes him think he should exhibit that kind of wickedness act.

Because wickedness is in the heart of this boy, probably it might be an evil spirit that is controlling the boy, or that is what he is used to.

Let me quickly show you the pictures below:

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