This is what you will meet taking a late night walk in Nairobi

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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya. The city is always alive during the day and even throughout the whole night. People have different activities at different times around the city. Somethings change around the city when it daytime and when its night time. Taking a walk late in the night around the city, be sure to meet the following things:


Prostitutes are like landmarks in the city at night. They will be positioned at strategic places where their customers are. Nairobi prostitutes are found both in open places and even in dark place. You will easily spot them with how they have dressed. They always dress to impress their customers.

Stranded travelers

People are always traveling to and fro Nairobi city. For some travelers, some days could be their worst days when they get stranded around the city. Some travelers get their belongings stolen or some miss of vehicles to places they want to go thus staying around the city till morning.

Police officers

Police officers are always taking rounds around the city to make sure people their businesses in peace. You will not miss seeing police around the city even late at night. They are always around in some places where thugs seem to wait for innocent residents.


Street children are always around the city. At night they move freely begging people for money. Most of them sleep in building corridors. You will not miss seeing street children around the city no matter what time you go there.

Drunk people

Nairobi has many clubs and bars. People are always drinking alcohol. Getting drunk men and women in Nairobi is like spotting the moon high in the sky. You will always bump into someone singing his own album.

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