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Love is what makes the world go round and most relationships are built on love and understanding. This doesn’t mean there won’t be times you may fall out of love or loose feelings for your partner. Relationship experts always advice both parties to dialogue and try to work things out. Breaking up should be the last option when you’ve tried all available options, and it’s still not working out.

The question now is how do I break-up with my partner without necessarily making Him/Her go out of their mind?

It’s ok if you break their heart while breaking up, but smashing the heart into bits of pieces is one thing you should avoid and ladies tend to do this a lot, no offense.

Here I have put up some “worse ways to breakup with your partner you should never try”. Trying this options i’m about to mention could be dangerous for your partner, and the purpose of this article is to make you read between the lines and do the right thing.

  1. Going Blank Like a Ghost

This is far the worst way of breaking up with your partner; by just going into ghost mode. He/She cannot reach you on the phone. You block your partner on all your social media handle; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. Some even go to the extent of changing their phone numbers or blacklisting their partner.

This can make someone flip and probably lost their mind, especially if He/She is so attach to you. It’s really not fair that you wouldn’t give Him/Her the reason why you are breaking up, not to talk of allowing them win you back. This really happens a lot and some people will tell you they want to start over and allowing their ex-partner have access will drag them back into the relationship.

You had feelings for this person, it’s just that something went wrong, the least you can do is tell them face to face, that this cannot work, rather than going to ghost mode. Playing with someone’s emotion can lead to mental problems and at worst suicide. It’s always advisable to dialogue and tell them to their face if it’s not working.

  • Breaking up with your Partner through a text message.

This is usually common among both sexes, sending a breakup message to your partner telling them you want to move on. This usually happens when both partners have tried severally to work things out to no avail. Like I said earlier, the best way forward is to try and work things out, but if it’s not working then sit down with your partner and give him/her reasons why you both should move on. Make them understand why it has to be this way and don’t just send them a break-up message like they never meant anything to you.

  • Setting up traps for your partner to fall in so you  can breakup

Another thing people do which is more common with the guys is to setup traps for their partner to fall victim and boom; they got the perfect reason to break up the relationship.

This often happens when the guy is tired of the girl and wants her to give way for another.

My question now is, didn’t you know you had no feelings for her before you asked her out? This is the reason why ladies must be really careful of who they allow into their live. Some are just out there to eat and clean mouth, except of cos you know the drill and just want to play along.

I advise if you just want to have fun with Him/Her, then, let them know from the onset of the relationship, that it’s just for fun so they won’t expect anything serious.

  • Treating your partner wrong so He/She is forced to break up with you

This is another trick common in relationships that is used in breaking up. When you suddenly see your partner misbehaving and treating you badly, then you know probably He/She wants you to give way.

This is not a good way of breaking up, but some people usually use this method because it’s not them that ended the relationship so they have an edge.  

They will treat their partner so bad and push them hard to the point where He/She can’t take it anymore and opt for a break-up. Nice move right? Alas, nemesis might catch up with you later.


Relationships are great way of expressing your feelings, some leads to marriage, while most of them don’t. Always treat your partner the way you want to be treated, and if the love goes soar, then break-up with them politely.

You don’t know if you guys might get along in the future, or if He/She might be your boss someday, it’s always wise to do the right thing.

Also if you partner breaks up with you, just pick up the pieces and move on. Someone better out there is waiting to show you much love.

There is always someone for everyone and nothing is worth dying for.

I hope this inspire someone out there. (Abel Wealth)

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